7.81J Systems Biology

7.81J Systems Biology (Fall 2014, MIT OCW). Instructor: Professor Jeff Gore. This course provides an introduction to cellular and population-level systems biology with an emphasis on synthetic biology, modeling of genetic networks, cell-cell interactions, and evolutionary dynamics. Cellular systems include genetic switches and oscillators, network motifs, genetic network evolution, and cellular decision-making. Population-level systems include models of pattern formation, cell-cell communication, and evolutionary systems biology. (from


Lecture 01 - Introduction to the Class and Overview of Topics
Lecture 02 - Input Function, Michaelis-Menten kinetics, and Cooperativity
Lecture 03 - Autoregulation, Feedback and Bistability
Lecture 04 - Synthetic Biology and Stability Analysis in the Toggle Switch
Lecture 05 - Oscillatory Genetic Networks
Lecture 06 - Graph Properties of Transcription Networks
Lecture 07 - Feed-forward Loop Network Motif
Lecture 08 - Introduction to Stochastic Gene Expression
Lecture 09 - Causes and Consequences of Stochastic Gene Expression
Lecture 10 - Stochastic Modeling
Lecture 11 - Life at Low Reynolds Number
Lecture 12 - Robustness and Bacterial Chemotaxis
Lecture 13 - Robustness in Development and Pattern Formation
Lecture 14 - Microbial Evolution Experiments and Optimal Gene Circuit Design
Lecture 15 - Evolution in Finite Populations
Lecture 16 - Clonal Interference and the Distribution of Beneficial Mutations
Lecture 17 - Fitness Landscapes and Sequence Spaces
Lecture 18 - Evolutionary Games
Lecture 19 - Survival in Fluctuating Environments
Lecture 20 - Parasites, the Evolution of Virulence and Sex
Lecture 21 - Interspecies Interactions
Lecture 22 - Ecosystem Stability, Critical Transitions, and Biodiversity
Lecture 23 - Dynamics of Populations in Space
Lecture 24 - The Neutral Theory of Ecology

Systems Biology, Fall 2014
Instructor: Professor Jeff Gore. Lecture Notes. Assignments (no solutions). Exams (no solutions). Readings. This course provides an introduction to cellular and population-level systems biology.