Introduction to Cryptology

Introduction to Cryptology. Instructor: Dr. Sugata Gangopadhyay, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Roorkee. Cryptology is employed to communicate securely, authenticate messages and sign digitally. This four-week course "Introduction to Cryptology" is designed for both computer science and mathematics students, touching upon the most important ideas and techniques of the present day cryptology. All the pre-requisite topics are revised during the lectures making this course self-contained and accessible to a wider audience. It is hoped that this course will prepare interested students for a more extensive course on Information Security (from

Lecture 08 - S-Box Theory

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Lecture 01 - Introduction, Caesar Cipher
Lecture 02 - Modular Arithmetic, Shift Cipher
Lecture 03 - Affine Cipher, Vigenere Cipher
Lecture 04 - Perfect Secrecy, Application of Shift Cipher
Lecture 05 - Problem Discussion on Affine Cipher and Perfect Secrecy
Lecture 06 - Product Cipher, Block Cipher, Modes of Operation for Block Cipher
Lecture 07 - Substitution Permutation Network, Feistel Cipher
Lecture 08 - S-Box Theory
Lecture 09 - Cryptanalysis and its Variants, Linear Attack
Lecture 10 - Problem Discussion
Lecture 11 - Public Key Cryptology Introduction, RSA Cryptosystem
Lecture 12 - Complexity Analysis of Euclidean Algorithm and RSA Cryptosystem Square and Multiply Algorithm
Lecture 13 - Primality Testing: Miller-Rabin Algorithm, Legendre Symbol and Jacobi Symbol
Lecture 14 - Efficient Computation of Jacobi Symbol Primality Testing: Solovay-Strassen Algorithm
Lecture 15 - Problem Discussion on Jacobi Symbol Calculation and RSA Cryptosystem
Lecture 16 - Cryptographic Hash Function: Introduction
Lecture 17 - Random Oracle Model, Security of Hash Functions
Lecture 18 - Randomized Algorithm and its Application on Preimage Resistance and Collision Resistance
Lecture 19 - Iterated Hash Functions
Lecture 20 - Problem Discussion