Introduction to Modern Application Development

Introduction to Modern Application Development. Instructor: Prof. Tanmai Gopal and Prof. Gaurav Raina, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Madras. This course will cover the basics of the Internet, building a web application, databases, performance and security, and building a mobile application. In addition, the course will have an extensive set of Practical Tutorials which will help students get a feel for real-world development. (from

Lecture 22 - Connecting Your Webapp to Your Database, Introduction to SQL Injection

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Introduction to the Internet
Lecture 01 - Introduction
Lecture 02 - Introduction to a Webapp
Lecture 03 - Building a Webapp
Lecture 04 - Networks
Lecture 05 - Running Your Own Web Server
Lecture 06 - Protocols
Building Your Webapp
Lecture 07 - SSH + Network Experiments
Lecture 08 - Building a Webapp with Node.js using Git
Lecture 09 - Introduction to Server-side Javascript and HTML/CSS
Lecture 10 - Introduction to Client-side Javascript
Lecture 11 - APIs and Mobile Apps Use Web Servers
Lecture 12 - Introduction to Databases
Lecture 13 - Data Modeling and Constraints
Lecture 14 - Interacting with a DBMS
Lecture 15 - Deeper Explanation of a DBMS (Column Types and More)
Lecture 16 - Introduction to SQL
Lecture 17 - Understanding Database Performance
Lecture 18 - Transactions and ACID Properties
Lecture 19 - Database Security, Backup and Recovery
Lecture 20 - Analytics and Views
Lecture 21 - Scaling a Database
Lecture 22 - Connecting Your Webapp to Your Database, Introduction to SQL Injection
Lecture 23 - SQL and NoSQL Systems
Introduction to Security for Webapps
Lecture 24 - Authentication with HTTP
Lecture 25 - Understanding Security and Some Best Practices
Lecture 26 - Introduction to Authentication, Hashing, Curl and Sessions
Mobile Application Development
Lecture 27 - Introduction to Mobile Apps
Lecture 28 - Introduction to Mobile Application Development
Lecture 29 - Introduction to Android
Lecture 30 - Getting Started with Android Application Development
Lecture 31 - Building Custom UI using XML and Logs
Lecture 32 - Building a Blog App
Lecture 33 - Deploying an App to the Google Play Store
Lecture 34 - Introduction to iOS
Lecture 35 - Version Control using Git
Concluding Lectures
Lecture 36 - The API Economy
Lecture 37 - Backend Architectures