Health, Safety and Environmental Management in Petroleum and Offshore Engineering

Health, Safety and Environmental Management in Petroleum and Offshore Engineering. Instructor: Prof. Srinivasan Chandrasekaran, Department of Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras. The course will give an overview of the safety and environmental issues in the petroleum industry. It will provide detailed understanding of the methods and techniques to resolve these key issues for making petroleum production and processing, cleaner and safer. This course would educate students to identify and assess hazards in any stage of operation, to quantify and manage them as well. This course will also highlight lessons learnt from the past accidents. (from

Lecture 12 - FMEA

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Lecture 01 - Introduction and Terminologies
Lecture 02 - Introduction to HSE
Lecture 03 - Safety Assurance and Assessment
Lecture 04 - Safety Assurance and Assessment (cont.)
Lecture 05 - Safety in Design and Operations
Lecture 06 - Organizing for Safety
Lecture 07 - Hazard Classification and Assessment, Hazard Evaluation and Hazard Control
Lecture 08 - HAZOP
Lecture 09 - HAZOP (cont.)
Lecture 10 - Hazard Evaluation and Hazard Control
Lecture 11 - Hazard Identification and Management in Oil and Gas Industry using HAZOP
Lecture 12 - FMEA
Lecture 13 - FMEA (cont.)
Lecture 14 - Environmental Issues and Management
Lecture 15 - Impact of Oil and Gas Industry on Marine Environment
Lecture 16 - Oil Hydrocarbon in Marine Environment
Lecture 17 - Chemicals and Wastes from Offshore and Oil Industry
Lecture 18 - Dispersion Models - Atmospheric Pollution
Lecture 19 - Dispersion Models (cont.)
Lecture 20 - Hazard Assessment and Accident Scenario
Lecture 21 - Dose Assessment, Safety Regulation
Lecture 22 - Toxic Release and Dispersion Modeling
Lecture 23 - Chemical Exposure Index (CEI)
Lecture 24 - Chemical Exposure Index (cont.)
Lecture 25 - Quantitative Risk Assessment
Lecture 26 - Quantitative Risk Assessment: Liquid Release Models Case Study
Lecture 27 - Fire and Explosion Modeling
Lecture 28 - Fire and Explosion Modeling Flammability Diagrams
Lecture 29 - Explosion Modeling
Lecture 30 - Fire and Explosion Preventive Measures
Lecture 31 - Probabilistic Risk Analysis
Lecture 32 - Safety Measures in Design and Process Operations
Lecture 33 - Case Studies
Lecture 34 - Case Studies (cont.)
Lecture 35 - Software Used in HSE - an Overview