Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics. Instructor: Prof. Trupti Mishra, S.J.M. School of Management, IIT Bombay. This course is specially designed for the MBA students. The motivation for this course comes from the fact that managers needs clear understanding about the economic concept, economic principles. The understanding of economic concepts and economic principles helps them in managing the day-to-day problem associated with the business decision. This course covers lessons in basic concepts of economics, basic tools of economic analysis and optimization techniques, theory of demand and supply, theory of production and cost, theory of market and pricing. (from

Lecture 40 - Summary

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Fundamentals of Managerial Economics
Lecture 01 - Introduction to Managerial Economics
Lecture 02 - Concepts of Economics: Opportunity Cost, Profit, Incentive, etc.
Lecture 03 - Marginal and Incremental Analysis, Model of an Economy, Basic Tools of Economic Analysis and Optimization Techniques
Lecture 04 - Basic Tools of Economic Analysis and Optimization Techniques
Lecture 05 - Basic Tools of Economic Analysis and Optimization Techniques (cont.)
Lecture 06 - Constrained Optimization, Regression Techniques
Lecture 07 - Regression Techniques (cont.)
Theory of Demand and Supply
Lecture 08 - Definition of Demand, Law of Demand, Demand Schedule and Demand Curve
Lecture 09 - Change in the Demand, Supply: Law of Supply, Market Equilibrium
Lecture 10 - Elasticity of Demand: Price Elasticity of Demand
Lecture 11 - Income/ Cross Price/ Promotional (or Advertising) Elasticity of Demand
Lecture 12 - Consumer Behavior
Lecture 13 - Consumer Behavior (cont.)
Lecture 14 - Elasticity of Supply
Lecture 15 - Demand Forecasting
Lecture 16 - Quantitative Methods of Demand Forecasting
Theory of Production and Cost
Lecture 17 - Basic Concepts of Theory of Production
Lecture 18 - Long Run Analysis of Production: Returns to Scale, Isoquant and Isocost
Lecture 19 - Cobb-Douglas Production Function, Optimal Input Combination
Lecture 20 - Theory of Cost: Production Cost, Accounting Cost, Cost-Output Relationship
Lecture 21 - Long-Run Cost-Output Relationship, Break-Even Analysis
Lecture 22 - Break-Even Analysis (cont.), Contribution Analysis, Learning Curve
Lecture 23 - Application of the Cost Analysis, Cost Function, Economies of Scale
Theory of Market and Pricing
Lecture 24 - Economies of Scale (cont.), Market, Equilibrium Condition, Price Determination
Lecture 25 - Perfect Competition
Lecture 26 - Perfect Competition (cont.)
Lecture 27 - Monopoly
Lecture 28 - Monopoly: Supply Curve of a Monopoly Firm, Measures of Monopoly Power
Lecture 29 - Monopoly: Social Costs of Monopoly Power, Regulation of Monopoly Power
Lecture 30 - Monopoly: Bilateral Monopoly, Monopolistic Competition
Lecture 31 - Oligopoly
Lecture 32 - Oligopoly (cont.)
Lecture 33 - Collusive Oligopoly: Cartel
Lecture 34 - Collusive Oligopoly: Price Leadership
Lecture 35 - Oligopoly and Game Theory
Lecture 36 - Oligopoly and Game Theory (cont.)
Lecture 37 - Application of Game Theory in Economics, Product Pricing
Lecture 38 - Product Pricing
Lecture 39 - Product Lifecycle Based Pricing, Cyclical Pricing, Multi-Product Pricing
Lecture 40 - Summary