ECGR 4161: Introduction to Robotics

ECGR 4161: Introduction to Robotics (Summer 2012, UNC Charlotte). Instructor: Professor James Conrad. A survey examination of robotics, especially of autonomous devices and vehicles. The goal of this course is to introduce the field of robotics to students who have a good foundation of engineering and a beginner or higher level in computer engineering. Students will further investigate algorithmic control of hardware. Students will also examine a few sensors and actuators that are used in robotics and learn how to integrate them into a robotic system.

Introduction to Robotics Technology

Lecture 01 - Introduction to Robotics Technology
Lecture 02 - Robotic Locomotion
Lecture 03 - Robot Locomotion and Sensors
Lecture 04 - Systems Engineering
Lecture 05 - Wheels and Motors
Lecture 06 - Example Robots
Lecture 07 - Sensing: Analog to Digital
Lecture 08 - Sensing: IR and Sonar
Lecture 09 - Robot Examples
Lecture 10 - Sensing: LiDAR and Encoders
Lecture 11 - Future Robots and Technology
Lecture 12 - Sensing Review; Electronics
Lecture 13 - SLAM - Robotic Mapping
Lecture 14 - Robotic State Machines
Lecture 15 - SLAM Applications

ECGR 4161: Introduction to Robotics, Summer 2012
Instructor: Professor James M. Conrad. Lecture Notes. Homework. Quizzes/Exams. Resources: Course Syllabus.