Electronics and Electrical Engineering

This is a collection of audio/video courses and lectures in electronics and electrical engineering from educational institutions such as MIT OpenCourseWare, UC Berkeley Webcast and NPTEL Courses. The courses and lectures cover a wide variety of subjects on electronics and electrical engineering: microelectronic circuits, analog integrated circuits, digital electronics, VLSI design, digital signal processing, digital communication, embedded systems, nanoelectronics, power electronics, etc.

MIT OpenCourseWare
Video/text 6.002 - Circuits and Electronics
Video/text 6.003 - Signals and Systems (Fall 2011)
Video/text 6.01SC - Introduction to Electrical Engineering and Computer Science I
Video/text 6.02 - Introduction to EECS II: Digital Communication Systems
Video/text Res.6-007 - Signals and Systems
Video/text Res.6-008 - Digital Signal Processing
Video/text Res.6-010 - Electronic Feedback Systems
Video 6.041 - Probabilistic Systems Analysis and Applied Probability
Video/text 6.262 - Discrete Stochastic Processes
Video/text 6.832 - Underactuated Robotics
Video 6.050J - Information and Entropy (Spring 2008)
Video/text 6.450 - Principles of Digital Communication I
Video/text 6.451 - Principles of Digital Communication II
Video/text 6.780J - Control of Manufacturing Processes (SMA 6303)
Video/text 2.57 - Nano-to-Micro Transport Processes
Video/text 2.627 - Fundamentals of Photovoltaics
Video Res.6-005 - Understanding Lasers and Fiberoptics
Video/text Res.6-001 - Electromagnetic Fields and Energy
Video/text 6.013 - Electromagnetics and Applications (Spring 2009)
Video/text 6.641 - Electromagnetic Fields, Forces, and Motion
Video/text 6.252J - Nonlinear Programming
Audio 6.774 - Physics of Microfabrication: Front End Processing
Video/text Adaptive Antennas and Phased Arrays
Video/text Introduction to Radar Systems

UC Berkeley Webcast
Video/text EE 16A: Designing Information Devices and Systems I
Video/text EE 16B: Designing Information Devices and Systems II
Video EE 40 - Introduction to Microelectronic Circuits
Video EE 100 - Electronic Techniques for Engineering (Fall 2012)
Video EE 100 - Electronic Techniques for Engineering (Fall 2011)
Video EE 105 - Microelectronic Devices and Circuits (Spring 2013)
Video/text EE 105 - Microelectronic Devices and Circuits (Fall 2012)
Video/text EE 123 - Digital Signal Processing
Video EE 130 - Integrated-Circuit Devices
Video/text EE 140 - Analog Integrated Circuits
Video/text EE141 - Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits (Fall 2010)
Video/text EE141 - Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits (Spring 2010)
Video/text EE 143 - Microfabrication Technology
Video EE 240 - Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits
Video/text EE 290C - High-Speed Electrical Interface Circuit Design
Video/text EE C149 - Introduction to Embedded Systems
Video/text EE C245 - Introduction to MEMS Design (Fall 2012)
Video/text EE C247B - Introduction to MEMS Design (Spring 2015)
Video/text EE 213 - Soft X-Rays and Extreme Ultraviolet Radiation
Video/text EE 290F - Synchrotron Radiation for Materials Science Applications
Video/text CS 70 - Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory (Spring 2015)
Video/text CS 70 - Discrete Mathematics and Probability Theory (Fall 2012)

Stanford Engineering Everywhere
Video/text EE261 - The Fourier Transforms and Its Applications
Video/text EE263 - Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems
Video/text EE364A - Convex Optimization I
Video/text EE364B - Convex Optimization II

Jack Baskin School of Engineering | UC Santa Cruz
Video/text CMPE 13 - Computer Systems and C Programming
Video/text CMPE 008 - Robot Automation: Intelligence through Feedback Control
Video/text CMPE 118 - Introduction to Mechatronics
Video/text CMPE 240 - Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems
Video/text CMPE 242 -Applied Feedback Control

Department of ECSE, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Video ECSE 4530 - Digital Signal Processing
Video ECSE 4540 - Introduction to Digital Image Processing
Video ECSE 6969 - Computer Vision for Visual Effects

School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University
Video/text ECE 4760 - Designing with Microcontrollers (Fall 2015)
Video/text ECE 4760 - Designing with Microcontrollers (Spring 2012)
Video/text ECE 5030 - Electronic Bioinstrumentation
Video/text ECE 5760 - Advanced Microcontroller Design and System-on-Chip

Electrical and Computer Engineering, UNC Charlotte
Video/text ECGR 4101 - Embedded Systems (Fall 2012)
Video/text ECGR 4101 - Embedded Systems (Fall 2011)
Video/text ECGR 4161 - Introduction to Robotics

Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University
Video/text ECE 18-447: Introduction to Computer Architecture (Spring 2015)
Video/text ECE 18-447: Introduction to Computer Architecture (Spring 2014)
Video ECE Seminar Series at Carnegie Mellon University

NPTEL Courses
Video Basic Electrical Technology
Video/web Basic Electronics
Video Circuit Theory
Video Electromagnetic Fields
Video Digital Systems Design
Video Digital Circuits and Systems
Video Digital Integrated Circuits
Video VLSI Circuits
Video VLSI Technology
Video Semiconductor Optoelectronics
Video Semiconductor Device Modeling
Video Solid State Devices
Video Electronic Materials, Devices, and Fabrication
Video Analog IC Design
Video Analog ICs
Video RF Integrated Circuits
Video Networks Signals and Systems
Video Networks and Systems
Video Dynamics of Physical Systems
Video Electrical Machines I
Video Control Engineering (Prof. S.D. Agashe)
Video/web Control Engineering (Prof. M. Gopal)
Video Optimal Control
Video/web Embedded Systems
Video Intelligent Systems and Control
Video/web Industrial Automation and Control
Video/web Power System Analysis
Video Power System Dynamics and Control
Video/web Power Systems Operation and Control
Video/web Industrial Instrumentation
Video/web Power Electronics
Video/web Industrial Drives - Power Electronics
Video Advanced Electric Drives
Video/web Illumination Engineering
Video Chaos, Fractals & Dynamic Systems
Video Energy Resources and Technology
Video Power System Generation, Transmission and Distribution
Video High Voltage DC Transmission
Video Communication Engineering
Video/web Transmission Lines and EM Waves
Video/web High Speed Devices and Circuits
Video Electronics for Analog Signal Processing - I
Video Electronics for Analog Signal Processing - II
Video MEMS and Microsystems
Video Neural Networks and Applications
Video/web Probability and Random Processes
Video Adaptive Signal Processing
Video/web Digital Signal Processing
Video Adv. Digital Signal Processing - Multirate and Wavelets
Video/web Digital Image Processing
Video/web Digital Computer Organization
Video Digital Communication
Video Information Theory and Coding
Video Coding Theory
Video Error Correcting Codes
Video Digital Voice & Picture Communication
Video Broadband Networks: Concepts and Technology
Video Advanced Optical Communication
Video Wireless Communication
Video Advanced 3G and 4G Mobile Communications

nanoHUB Courses
Video/text Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics (Fall 2004)
Video/text Computational Electronics
Video/text ECE 495N - Fundamentals of Nanoelectronics (Fall 2008)
Video/text ECET 499N - Introduction to Nanotechnology
Video/text ECE 606 - Principles of Semiconductor Devices
Video/text Illinosis ECE 440 - Solid State Electronic Devices
Video/text Illinosis ECE 598EP - Hot Chips: Atoms to Heat Sinks
Video/text ECE 612 - Nanoscale Transistors (Fall 2008)
Video/text ECE 612 - Nanoscale Transistors (Fall 2006)
Video/text ECE 695A - Reliability Physics of Nanotransistors
Video/text Physics of Nanoscale MOSFETs
Video/text ECE 656 - Electronic Transport in Semiconductors
Video/text ECE 659 - Quantum Transport: Atom to Transistor
Video/text ECE 695s - Nanophotonics
Video/text Nanoelectronic Modeling: From Quantum Mechanics and Atoms to Realistic Devices
Video/text CQT: Concepts of Quantum Transport

NJIT OCW: Newark College of Engineering
Video ECET 300 - Circuit Analysis: Transform Methods
Video ECET 303 - Circuit Measurements

YouTube - UNSWelearning's Channel (The University of New South Wales)
Video ELEC2141 - Digital Circuit Design
Video ELEC2142 - Embedded Systems Design
Video/text ELEC3104 - Digital Signal Processing
Video ELEC9344 - Speech and Audio Processing

College of Engineering and Applied Science, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Video/text ECE 2610 - Introduction to Signal and Systems
Video/text ECE 5250 - Microwave Circuit Design
Video/text ECE 5615 - Statistical Signal Processing
Video/text ECE 5650 - Modern Digital Signal Processing
Video/text ECE 5655 - Real-Time Digital Signal Processing

UCLA Adaptive Systems Laboratory
Video EE 210A - Adaptive Filtering

CERN Document Server
Video/text Technology and applications of high field accelerator magnets
Video/text Real-time process control
Video Microelectronics and nanoelectronics: trends, and applications to HEP instrumentation
Video Nanotechnology