EE 100: Electronic Techniques for Engineering

Electrical Engineering 100: Electronic Techniques for Engineering (Fall 2011, UC Berkeley). Instructor: Professor Vivek Subramanian. This course serves as an introduction to the principles of electrical engineering, starting from the basic concepts of voltage and current and circuit elements of resistors, capacitors, and inductors. Topics covered in this course include: the fundamental concepts of electrical engineering; circuit analysis techniques - Kirchhoff's Current Law, Kirchhoff's Voltage Law, and Thevenin and Norton equivalents; operational amplifiers; capacitors; inductors; phasor analysis; frequency response, filters, Bode plots; and the basic concepts of digital circuits such as combinational logic, timing diagram, flip flops and finite state machines.

Fundamental Concepts

Lecture 01 - Fundamental Concepts: Cell Phone Architecture, Telegraphy, Radio, Semiconductors
Lecture 02 - Integrated Circuit, Computers, Units, Charge and Current
Lecture 03 - Voltage, Measuring Voltage & Current, Power, Circuit Elements: Sources
Lecture 04 - Resistive Circuits: Ohm's Law, Conductivity, Circuit Topology, Kirchhoff's Current Law
Lecture 05 - Kirchhoff's Voltage Law, Equivalent Circuits, Source Transformation, Wye-Delta Transformation
Lecture 06 - Circuit Analysis Techniques: Node-Voltage Method, Supernodes
Lecture 07 - Node-Voltage Method, Mesh-Current Method, Supermesh, Nodal Analysis by Inspection
Lecture 08 - Nodal Analysis by Inspection, Mesh by Inspection, Superposition, Thevenin & Norton Equivalents
Lecture 09 - Thevenin & Norton Equivalents, Maximum Power Transfer, The Wheatstone Bridge, BJTs
Lecture 10 - Semiconductor Device Fabrication (Audio Only)
Lecture 11 - Ideal Voltage Amplifiers, Real Voltage Amplifier, Operational Amplifiers
Lecture 12 - Op Amps: Gain, Equivalent Circuit, Feedback, Circuit Analysis with Ideal Op Amps
Lecture 13 - Digital to Analog Converter, MOSFET, RL and RC Circuits: Transient Response
Lecture 14 - Capacitors, Capacitor Response, Capacitor I-V Relationship
Lecture 15 - Inductors, Inductor Response, Linear Circuits at AC, Phasor, AC Phasor Analysis
Lecture 16 - AC Phasor Analysis, Impedance and Admittance, Power Supply Circuit
Lecture 17 - Smoothing RC Filter, Complete Power Supply
Lecture 18 - Frequency Response: Transfer Function, Filters, RC Filter, Resonance, RL Filter, Bode Plots
Lecture 19 - Bode Plots, Bode Factors, Frequency Selective Filters
Lecture 20 - Frequency Selective Filters, Active Filters, Audio Effects: Guitar Circuits
Lecture 21 - Digital Circuits: A Quick History, Digital Hardware, Combinational Logic
Lecture 22 - 2-Variable Logic Functions, Waveform View, Timing Diagram, Logic Gates, R-S Latch
Lecture 23 - Clocks, D Flip Flop, Registers, Counters, Finite State Machines
Lecture 24 - Shift Register as FSMs, Vending Machine