EE 290C: High-Speed Electrical Interface Circuit Design

Electrical Engineering 290C: High-Speed Electrical Interface Circuit Design (Spring 2011, UC Berkeley). Instructor: Professor Elad Alon. This course focuses on the design of the signaling, timing, and peripheral circuitry used in modern high-speed electrical interfaces. The system-level requirements placed on these links by their operating environment will be reviewed and used to highlight the implications on link architecture, performance, and power consumption. Detailed design aspects of high-speed transmitters, receivers, equalizers (transmit, receive, linear, decision-feedback), timing generation and recovery circuits (phase interpolators, PLLs, DLLs), and supporting subsystems (supply regulators, on-chip termination, adaptation) are covered. The course material will be integrated by a final project involving circuit design for a complete high-speed electrical interface.


Lecture 01 - Introduction
Lecture 02 - High-Speed Link Environment and Overview
Lecture 03 - Basic Transmitters and Receivers
Lecture 04 - Basic Transmitters and Receivers (cont.)
Lecture 05 - StrongArm Review, Timing Basics
Lecture 06 - Equalization Techniques
Lecture 07 - Equalization Techniques (cont.), Link Performance Analysis
Lecture 09 - Link Performance Analysis (cont.)
Lecture 10 - Equalizer Design: CTLE, FIR I, FIR II
Lecture 11 - Equalizer Design: FIR II, Decision Feedback
Lecture 12 - DFE Design Issues, Equalizer Adaptation
Lecture 13 - Equalizer Adaptation (cont.)
Lecture 14 - Timing: PLL/DLL Basics, PLL/DLL Components
Lecture 15 - PLL/DLL Components, Self-Biasing
Lecture 16 - Self-Biasing, Timing: Noise and Jitter
Lecture 17 - Timing: Noise and Jitter (cont.), Timing: CDR Design
Lecture 20 - Timing: CDR Design (cont.)
Lecture 21 - Baud-Rate Recovery, Timing: Phase Interpolators
Lecture 22 - Injection Locking, Support: Supply Regulation
Lecture 23 - Support: Supply Regulation (cont.)
Lecture 24 - Support: Supply Regulation (cont.), Mixed-Signal Verification
Lecture 25 - Mixed-Signal Verification (cont.), Advanced Topics: Multi-Level Signaling

EE290C: High-Speed Electrical Interface Circuit Design, Spring 2011
Instructor: Professor Elad Alon. Lecture Slides. Homework. Lecture 1: Introduction. Lecture 2: High-Speed Link Environment and Overview. Lecture 3: Basic Transmitters and Receivers. ...