EE 44: Circuits and Systems

EE 44: Circuits and Systems (Caltech). Instructor: Professor Ali Hajimiri. Fundamentals of circuits and network theory, circuit elements, linear circuits, terminals and port presentation, nodal and mesh analysis, time-domain analysis of circuits and systems, sinusoidal response, introductory frequency domain analysis, transfer functions, poles and zeros, time and transfer constants, network theorems, transformers.

Circuits Fundamentals

01. Circuits Fundamentals: Definitions, Graph Properties, Current & Voltage, Power & Energy
02. Circuits Fundamentals: Passivity and Activity, KCL and KVL, Ideal Sources
03. Circuits Fundamentals: Resistance, Ohm's Law, Linearity, Time-variance, Diode Circuits
04. Nodal Analysis: Ground, Y-Matrix, Node Voltage & Stimulus Vectors, Linear Algebra, Determinant
05. Nodal Analysis: Examples, Dependent Sources, Existence of a Solution
06. Nodal Analysis (cont.): Nodal Analysis, Dependent Sources, with Voltage Sources, Super Nodes
07. Mesh Analysis & Diode Circuits: Mesh Analysis, 3D Networks, Super Mesh, Diode Circuit Design
08. Circuit Theorems: Superposition, Thevenin, Norton, Source Transformation, Network Equivalence
09. Circuit Theorems: Source Transportation, Substitution Theorem, Maximum Power Transfer, Y-Delta
10. Active circuits: Op-Amp, Feedback, Asymptotic Equality, Inverting and Noninverting Amplifiers
11. Singularity Functions: Introduction, Unit Step, Pulse, and Dirac Delta (Impulse) Functions
12. Linear Systems: Dirac Delta, Sifting Property, Impulse Response, LTI, Convolution
13. Linear Systems: Convolution, Examples of System Response, Convolution Examples
14. Time-Domain Response: Capacitors and Inductors, RC Response, General 1st-Order System
15. Time Domain Response: RC Step and Impulse Response
16. Heaviside Operator: Introduction, Basic Examples
17. Heaviside Operator: Low-Pass Operator, High-Pass Operator, Solving Differential Equations
18. Heaviside Operator: Circuit Examples
19. Heaviside Operator: Nodal Analysis Examples, Order of System, Oscilloscope Probe
20. Impulse Response of 2nd Order System: Complex Numbers, Real Poles, Underdamped and Over-damped Response, Real and Complex Conjugate Roots
21. Heaviside Operator: Partial Fraction Expansion (PFE), Example
22. Heaviside Operator: Partial Fraction Expansion (PFE) with Multiple Roots, Example
23. Heaviside Operator: Operator Catalog, Solving Differential Equation Directly, Examples
24. Heaviside Operator: Time Delay, Convolution, Example
25. Heaviside Operator: Operator Catalog Review, Convolution Example
26. Heaviside Operator: Initial Conditions
27. System Function: Forced and Natural Response, Poles and Zeros, Time Domain View, Laplace Transform
28. Stability: Definition, Criterion, Poles Location, Routh-Hurwitz Method
29. Laplace Transform Summary: Definition, Properties
30. Intro to Network Synthesis, Complex Impedance
31. Sinusoidal Drive, Phasor Notations, Cascaded Systems, Intro to Bode Plot
32. Bode Plot: Properties, Poles and Zeros, Resonance (2nd Order Peaking)
33. Fourier Series and Fourier Transform: Intro, Basic Derivation
34. Fourier Transform: Spectrum, Time and Frequency Duality, Impulse, Sinc, Box
35. Fourier Transform: Modulation
36. Fourier Transform: Sampling
37. Time and Transfer Constants: Brief Introduction
38. Two-Port Networks: An Introduction
39. Course Brief Final Summary