EE 105: Microelectronic Devices and Circuits

Electrical Engineering 105: Microelectronic Devices and Circuits (Spring 2013, UC Berkeley). Instructor: Professor Sayeef Salahuddin. This course covers the fundamental circuit and device concepts needed to understand analog integrated circuits. After an overview of the basic properties of semiconductors, the p-n junction and MOS capacitors are described and the MOSFET is modeled as a large-signal device. Two port small-signal amplifiers and their realization using single stage and multistage CMOS building blocks are discussed.


Lecture 01 - Course Introduction, Early History of IC Devices
Lecture 02 - Semiconductor Basics: Materials, Electronic Properties of Silicon, Doping
Lecture 03 - Semiconductor Basics: Energy Band Model, Dopants
Lecture 04 - Electron and Hole Concentrations, Carrier Drift, Drift Current, Carrier Diffusion
Lecture 05 - Carrier Diffusion, PN Junction Diodes: Carrier Diffusion and Depletion Region
Lecture 06 - PN Junction Diodes: Built-in Potential, Equilibrium (zero bias)
Lecture 07 - PN Junction Under Forward Bias
Lecture 08 - Diode Current Under Forward Bias, PN Junction Under Reverse Bias
Lecture 09 - PN Junction Diodes: Capacitance, Reverse Breakdown
Lecture 10 - PN Junction Diodes: Diode DC Bias Calculations, Large and Small Signal Analysis
Lecture 13 - Bipolar Junction Transistors: Structure, NPN BJT Operation, Current Flow
Lecture 14 - BJT Biasing, I-V Characteristics, Large Signal Model, Small Signal Model
Lecture 15 - BJT Small Signal Model, The Early Effect
Lecture 16 - PNP Transistors, BJT Amplifiers: Overview, Impedances
Lecture 17 - BJT Amplifiers: DC Biasing, Bias Circuit Design Procedure, Amplifier Topologies
Lecture 18 - Amplifier Topologies: Common-Emitter Topology
Lecture 20 - Common-Emitter Topology: Degenerated CE Stage
Lecture 21 - Common-Base Amplifier, Emitter Follower (Common-Collector Amplifier)
Lecture 22 - Bipolar Junction Transistors: Analysis by Inspection
Lecture 24 - Bipolar Junction Transistors: Cascodes
Lecture 26 - Bipolar Junction Transistors: Current Mirrors, Frequency Response
Lecture 30 - BJTs: Problem Solving, BJT High-Frequency Model, Miller's Theorem
Lecture 31 - BJT Frequency Response: Miller Effect
Lecture 32 - Differential Amplifiers: General Considerations, BJT Differential Pair
Lecture 33 - Differential Amplifiers (cont.)
Lecture 35 - MOSFET: MOS Capacitor, Three Regions of Operation, MOS C-V Curve
Lecture 36 - MOS Small-Signal Capacitance Model, MOSFET I-V, Channel-Length Modulation
Lecture 37 - Body Bias in a MOSFET, Velocity Saturation, Drain Induced Barrier Lowering
Lecture 39 - MOSFET Models, MOSFET Amplifiers, MOSFET Biasing, CS Stage, MOSFET Impedances
Lecture 40 - Common-Gate Stage, Source Follower, Amplifier Examples, MOS Cascodes
Lecture 42 - MOSFET Frequency Response, MOSFET Differential Pair
Lecture 43 - Negative Feedback System, Inverter, NAND