EE290F: Synchrotron Radiation for Materials Science Applications

EE290F: Synchrotron Radiation for Materials Science Applications (Spring 2007, UC Berkeley). Instructor: Professor David Attwood. This course covers topics: introduction to synchrotron radiation, X-ray optics, X-ray interaction with matter, wave propagation and refractive index, Brewster’s Angle, multilayer interface coatings, bending magnet radiation, coherent undulator radiation and its applications, X-ray diffraction for materials analysis, photoemission spectroscopy, zone plate microscopy and applications, and X-ray microtomography.

Introduction to Synchrotron Radiation

Lecture 01 - Introduction to Synchrotron Radiation
Lecture 02 - X-ray Interaction with Matter: Absorption, Scattering, Refraction
Lecture 03 - Probing Matter: Diffraction, Spectroscopy and Photoemission
Lecture 04 - Radiation by an Accelerated Charge: Scattering by Free and Bound Electrons
Lecture 05 - Multi-Electron Atom, Atomic Scattering Factors: Wave Propagation and Refractive Index
Lecture 06 - Refraction and Reflection, Total Internal Reflection, Brewster's Angle, Kramers-Kronig
Lecture 07 - Multilayer Interference Coatings, Scattering, Diffraction, Reflectivity and Applications
Lecture 08 - Introduction to Synchrotron Radiation, Bending Magnet Radiation
Lecture 09 - Bending Magnet Critical Photon Energy, Undulator Central Radiation Cone
Lecture 10 - Undulator Equation and Radiated Power
Lecture 11 - Spectral Brightness of Undulator Radiation, Harmonics, Wiggler Radiation
Lecture 12 - Spatial and Temporal Coherence; Coherent Undulator Radiation
Lecture 13 - Applications of Coherent Undulator Radiation
Lecture 14 - Visit the Advanced Light Source, Berkeley (ALS)
Lecture 15 - Advanced Spectroscopy for Atomic and Molecular Physics
Lecture 16 - X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy: XAFS, NEXAFS, XANES, EXAFS
Lecture 17 - X-Ray Diffraction for Materials Analysis
Lecture 18 - Photoemission and Photoemission Spectroscopy
Lecture 19 - Angle Resolved Photoemission and Non-ARPES
Lecture 20 - PhotoEmission Electron Microscopy (PEEM)
Lecture 21 - X-rays and Magnetism
Lecture 22 - XMCD; Out-of-Plane Bending Magnetic Radiation
Lecture 23 - Zone Plate Microscopy and Applications
Lecture 24 - Nanoscale Magnetic Imaging
Lecture 25 - Biological X-ray Microscopy
Lecture 26 - X-ray Microtomography
Lecture 27 - Coherent Soft X-ray Scattering for Studying Nanoscale Materials
Lecture 28 - Student Presentations
Lecture 29 - Student Presentations (cont.)
Lecture 30 - Student Presentations (cont.)

Synchrotron Radiation for Materials Science Applications
Synchrotron Radiation for Materials Science Applications. Instructor: David Attwood. Listed at UC Berkeley as EE290F (likely to be approved as co-list AST290S). Lecture Slides. Homework Problems.