EE 141: Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits

Electrical Engineering 141: Introduction to Digital Integrated Circuits (Fall 2010, UC Berkeley). Instructor: Professor Elad Alon. This course is an introduction to digital integrated circuits. The material will cover CMOS devices and manufacturing technology along with CMOS inverters and gates. Other topics include propagation delay, noise margins, power dissipation, and regenerative logic circuits. This course will look at various design styles and architectures as well as the issues that designers must face, such as technology scaling and the impact of interconnect. Examples presented in class include arithmetic circuits, semiconductor memories, and other novel circuits.


Lecture 01 - Introduction
Lecture 02 - Integrated Circuit Basics: Manufacturing and Cost
Lecture 03 - Switches, Inverters, and Design Metrics
Lecture 04 - CMOS Switches, CMOS Logic
Lecture 05 - CMOS Logic, Design Rules, Overview of Semiconductor Memory
Lecture 06 - Semiconductor Memory (cont.), Inverter Delay Optimization
Lecture 07 - Inverter Delay Optimization, Gate Delay and Logical Effort
Lecture 08 - Logical Effort, Logical Effort for Decoders
Lecture 09 - MOS Transistor Modeling
Lecture 10 - CMOS Inverter VTC, MOS Capacitance
Lecture 11 - MOS Capacitance and Delay
Lecture 12 - CMOS Switching Delay, Propagation Delay
Lecture 13 - Propagation Delay (cont.), CMOS Power Dissipation
Lecture 14 - Midterm Review, CMOS Power Dissipation, CMOS Logic Review
Lecture 15 - CMOS Logic Review, Wires
Lecture 16 - Wires: Interconnect Resistance & Interconnect Modeling, SRAM Circuit Design
Lecture 17 - SRAM Circuit Design (cont.), Power Revisited
Lecture 18 - Power Revisited (cont.), CMOS Scaling
Lecture 19 - Ratioed Logic, Pass-Transistor Logic
Lecture 20 - Pass-Transistor Logic (cont.), Dynamic Logic
Lecture 21 - Adders
Lecture 22 - Adders (cont.), Multipliers
Lecture 23 - Domino Logic
Lecture 24 - Domino Logic (cont.), Sequential Elements: Latches & Flip-Flops
Lecture 25 - Sequential Elements (cont.), Timing
Lecture 26 - Timing, Clock Distribution
Lecture 27 - Clock Distribution, I/O Design, Power Distribution

EE141: Digital Integrated Circuits, Fall 2010
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