ECSE 4540 - Introduction to Digital Image Processing

ECSE 4540 - Introduction to Digital Image Processing (Spring 2015, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute). Instructor: Professor Richard Radke. This course provides an introduction to the field of image processing, covering both analytical and implementation aspects. Topics include the human visual system, cameras and image formation, image sampling and quantization, spatial- and frequency-domain image enhancement, filter design, image restoration, image coding and compression, morphological image processing, color image processing, image segmentation, and image reconstruction. Real-world examples and assignments drawn from consumer digital imaging, security and surveillance, and medical image processing.

Image: ECSE 4540: Digital Image Processing

Lecture 01 - Digital Image Modalities and Processing
Lecture 02 - The Human Visual System, Perception, and Color
Lecture 03 - Image Acquisition and Sensing
Lecture 04 - Histograms and Point Operations
Lecture 05 - Geometric Operations
Lecture 06 - Spatial Filters
Lecture 07 - The 2D Discrete Fourier Transform
Lecture 08 - Frequency Domain Filtering; Sampling and Aliasing
Lecture 09 - Unitary Image Transforms
Lecture 10 - Edge Detection
Lecture 11 - Edge Linking and Line Detection
Lecture 12 - Thresholding
Lecture 13 - Morphological Image Processing
Lecture 14 - Object and Feature Detection
Lecture 15 - Lossless Image Coding
Lecture 16 - Lossy Image Compression
Lecture 17 - Image Restoration and the Wiener Filter
Lecture 18 - Reconstruction from Parallel Projections and the Radon Transform
Lecture 19 - Fan-beam Reconstruction
Lecture 20 - Dithering and Halftoning
Lecture 21 - Digital Watermarking
Lecture 22 - Image Blending
Lecture 23 - Photomontage and Inpainting
Lecture 24 - Image Retargeting
Lecture 25 - Active Shape Models

Introduction to Image Processing, Spring 2015
Instructor: Richard Radke. These lectures were recorded from Spring 2015's offering of ECSE-4540 at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. They loosely accompany Digital Image Processing (3rd Edition), by Gonzalez and Woods published by Prentice Hall in 2007.