EE 240: Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits

Electrical Engineering 240: Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits (Spring 2010, UC Berkeley). Instructor: Professor Elad Alon. Analysis and optimized design of integrated analog systems and building blocks. Specific topics include operational and wide-band amplifiers, gain-bandwidth and power considerations, analysis of noise in integrated circuits, low noise design, feedback, precision passive elements, analog switches, comparators, CMOS voltage references, non-idealities such as matching and supply/IO/substrate coupling.


Lecture 01 - Introduction
Lecture 02 - CMOS Technology and Passive Devices
Lecture 03 - Passive Devices (cont.), MOS Models for Design
Lecture 04 - MOS Models for Design (cont.), MOS Small-Signal Models for Design
Lecture 05 - MOS Small-Signal Models for Design (cont.), Electronic Noise
Lecture 06 - Electronic Noise
Lecture 07 - Electronic Noise (cont.), Noise Analysis Techniques
Lecture 08 - Noise Analysis Techniques (cont.), Noise and Feedback, Current Sources
Lecture 09 - Current Sources
Lecture 10 - Current Sources (cont.), Amplifiers
Lecture 11 - Single-Ended and Differential OTAs
Lecture 12 - Differential OTAs, Folded Cascode OTA, Feedback
Lecture 13 - Feedback (cont.), Settling Time
Lecture 14
Lecture 15 - Settling Time (cont.)
Lecture 16 - Slewing Analysis, Design Examples
Lecture 17 - Design Examples (cont.), Common-Mode Feedback
Lecture 18 - Common-Mode Feedback (cont.), Multistage Amplifiers
Lecture 19 - Multistage Amplifiers, Biasing and References
Lecture 19b - High-Speed Link Overview
Lecture 20 - High-Speed Link Overview (cont.), High-Speed Filter Design
Lecture 21 - High-Speed Filter Design (cont.), Comparators
Lecture 22 - Comparators (cont.)
Lecture 23 - Matching
Lecture 24 - Layout for Matching, Offset Cancellation
Lecture 25 - Offset Cancellation (cont.), MOS Sample and Hold
Lecture 26 - MOS Sample and Hold (cont.)
Lecture 27 - PLL and CDR Overview

EE240: Advanced Analog Integrated Circuits, Spring 2010
Instructor: Professor Elad Alon. Lecture Notes. Homework. Project. Lecture 1: Introduction. Lecture 2: CMOS Technology and Passive Devices. Lecture 3: MOS Models for Analog Design. Lecture 4: MOS Small-Signal Models for Design. ...