Evolution and Medicine

Evolution and Medicine (2015, Open Yale Courses). Instructor: Professor Stephen Stearns. This course is a survey of evolutionary insights that make important differences in medical research and clinical practice, including evolutionary mechanisms and the medical issues they affect. Individual genetic variation in susceptibility; evolutionary conflicts and tradeoffs in reproductive medicine; the evolution of antibiotic resistance and virulence in pathogens; emerging diseases; the evolution of aging; cancer as an evolutionary process.

Lecture 1.1 - Natural Selection
Lecture 1.2 - Random Evolution, The Role of Chance
Lecture 1.3 - Mismatch, a Major Cause of Maladaptation
Lecture 1.4 - Adaptation: Why it is Problematic and How to Recognize it
Lecture 1.5 - Styles of Thought: Typological Thinking, Population Thinking, Tree Thinking

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Lecture 01 - Evolutionary Thinking
Lecture 02 - What is a Patient?
Lecture 03 - What is a Disease?
Lecture 04 - Defenses
Lecture 05 - Pathogen Evolution
Lecture 06 - Cancer as an Evolutionary Process
Lecture 07 - The Evolution of Reproduction
Lecture 08 - Mismatch
Lecture 09 - Mental Disorders
Lecture 10 - Individual Health versus Population Health
Lecture 11 - Conclusion