2.71 Optics

2.71 Optics (Spring 2009, MIT OCW). Instructors: Prof. George Barbastathis, Prof. Colin Sheppard, and Dr. Se Baek Oh. This course provides an introduction to optical science with elementary engineering applications. Topics covered in geometrical optics include: ray-tracing, aberrations, lens design, apertures and stops, radiometry and photometry. Topics covered in wave optics include: basic electrodynamics, polarization, interference, wave-guiding, Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction, image formation, resolution, space-bandwidth product. Analytical and numerical tools used in optical design are emphasized. (from


Lecture 01 - Course organization; introduction to optics
Lecture 02 - Reflection and refraction; prisms, waveguides, and dispersion
Lecture 03 - Focusing, imaging, and the paraxial approximation
Lecture 04 - Sign conventions; thin lenses; real and virtual images
Lecture 05 - Thick lenses; the composite lens; the eye
Lecture 06 - Terms: apertures, stops, pupils, and windows; single-lens camera
Lecture 07 - Basics of mirrors, magnifiers, and microscopes
Lecture 08 - Telescopes; aberrations: chromatic, spherical, and coma
Lecture 09 - More aberrations; optical design; GRadient INdex (GRIN)
Lecture 10
Lecture 11 - The Hamiltonian formulation; introduction to waves
Lecture 12 - The wave equation; phasor representation; 3D waves
Lecture 13 - 3D wave phenomena; introduction to electromagnetics
Lecture 14 - Maxwell's equations; polarization; Poynting's vector
Lecture 15 - Huygens principle; interferometers; Fresnel diffraction
Lecture 16 - Gratings: amplitude and phase, sinusoidal and binary
Lecture 17 - Fraunhofer diffraction; Fourier transforms and theorems
Lecture 18 - Spatial filtering; lens transfer functions & transforms
Lecture 19 - The 4F system; binary amplitude & pupil masks
Lecture 20 - Shift invariance; pupil engineering; the Talbot effect
Lecture 21
Lecture 22 - Coherent and incoherent imaging
Lecture 23 - Imaging with a single lens
Lecture 24
Lecture 25 - Resolution; defocused optical systems
Lecture 26 - Depth of focus and field; polarization; wave plates

2.71 Optics (Spring 2009)
Instructors: Prof. George Barbastathis, et al.. Assignments and Solutions. Exams and Solutions. This course provides an introduction to optical science with elementary engineering applications.