Mechanical Engineering

This provides a collection of audio/video courses and lectures in mechanical engineering from educational institutions around the world. The courses and lectures cover various subjects in the fields: convective heat transfer, cryogenic engineering , engineering dynamics, engineering mechanics, fluid dynamics, fluid machines, fluid mechanics, dynamics of machines, finite element analysis, heat and mass transfer, kinematics of machines, manufacturing process, MEMS design, nano-to-micro transport processes, nanomanufacturing, precision manufacturing, principles of mechanical measurements, refrigeration and air conditioning, robotics, rocket propulsion, thermodynamics, welding engineering, vibration control, and more.

MIT OpenCourseWare
Video/text 2.003SC - Engineering Dynamics
Video/text 2.003J - Dynamics and Control I
Video/text 2.57 - Nano-to-Micro Transport Processes
Video/text 2.627 - Fundamentals of Photovoltaics
Video 2.673J - Biological Engineering II: Instrumentation and Measurement
Video/text 2.790J - Introduction to Bioengineering (BE.010J)
Video/text 2.830J - Control of Manufacturing Processes (SMA 6303)
Video 2.993 - The Art and Science of Boat Design
Audio/text 2.997 - Direct Solar/Thermal to Electrical Energy Conversion Technologies
Video 2.110J - Information and Entropy
Video Res.2-002 - Linear Finite Element Analysis
Video Res.2-002 - Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis
Video/text 2.71 - Optics

UC Berkeley Webcast
Video Mechanical Engineering 110 - Introduction to Product Development
Video Mechanical Engineering 220 - Precision Manufacturing
Video Mechanical Engineering 233 - Advanced Control Systems II
Video Mechanical Engineering C117 - Structural Aspects of Biomaterials
Video/text Mechanical Engineering C218 - Introduction to MEMS Design (Fall 2012)
Video/text Mechanical Engineering C218 - Introduction to MEMS Design (Spring 2015)

UCI OpenCourseWare
Video MAE 91 - Intro to Thermodynamics
Video MAE 130A - Introduction to Fluid Mechanics
Video/text MAE 165 - Advanced Manufacturing Choices (Spring 2013)
Video/text MAE 165 - Advanced Manufacturing Choices (Spring 2014)

UW Mechanical Engineering
Video/text ME 564 - Mechanical Engineering Analysis (ODEs, Linear Algebra, Vector Calculus)
Video/text ME 565 - Mechanical Engineering Analysis (Complex Analysis, PDEs, Transform Methods)

Video ME 599 - Nanomanufacturing

Stanford on YouTube
Video Cars: Past, Present, and Future

NPTEL Courses
Video Applied Mechanics
Video Engineering Mechanics (Prof. U.S. Dixit, IIT Guwahati)
Video Engineering Mechanics (Prof. Manoj K Harbola, IIT Kanpur)
Video Mechanics of Human Movement
Video Engineering Mechanics Statics and Dynamics
Video Dynamics of Machines
Video Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems
Video Rocket Propulsion
Video Introduction to Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Engineering
Video Fluid Mechanics
Video Advanced Fluid Mechanics
Video Introduction to Boundary Layers
Video Introduction to Fluid Machines and Compressible Flow
Video Fluid Machines
Video Micro Fluidics (Prof. S. Chakraborty, IIT Kharagpur)
Video Microfluidics (Dr. Ashis Kumar Sen, IIT Madras)
Video Fluid Dynamics and Turbomachines
Video Principles of Hydraulic Machines and System Design
Video Computational Fluid Dynamics (Prof. S. Chakraborty, IIT Kharagpur)
Video Computational Fluid Dynamics (Dr. K. M. Singh, IIT Roorkee)
Video Fundamentals of Gas Dynamics
Video Gas Dynamics and Propulsion
Video Advanced Gas Dynamics
Video Spray Theory and Applications
Video Basic Thermodynamics
Video Laws of Thermodynamics
Video Engineering Thermodynamics (Dr. Jayant K. Singh, IIT Kanpur)
Video Engineering Thermodynamics (Dr. D. P. Mishra, IIT Kanpur)
Video Heat and Mass Transfer
Video Convective Heat Transfer (Dr. Arvind Pattamatta, IIT Madras)
Video Convective Heat Transfer (Dr. Arup Kumar Das, IIT Roorkee)
Video Convective Heat and Mass Transfer
Video Conduction and Convection Heat Transfer
Video Heat Transfer and Combustion in Multiphase Systems
Video Two Phase Flow and Heat Transfer
Video Radiation Heat Transfer
Video Micro and Nanoscale Energy Transport
Video Heat Exchangers: Fundamentals and Design Analysis
Video Cryogenic Engineering
Video Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (Prof. M. Ramgopal, IIT Kharagpur)
Video Refrigeration and Air-conditioning (Prof. Ravi Kumar, IIT Roorkee)
Video Conduction and Radiation
Video Steam and Gas Power Systems
Video Introduction to Mechanical Vibration
Video Mechanical Vibrations
Video Vibrations of Structures
Video Nonlinear Vibration
Video Principles of Vibration Control
Video Vibration Control
Video Basics of Noise and its Measurements
Video Noise Management and its Control
Video Fundamentals of Acoustics
Video Acoustics
Video Acoustic and Noise Control
Video Acoustic Materials and Metamaterials
Video Robotics
Video Robotics and Control: Theory and Practice
Video Mechanism and Robot Kinematics
Video Theory and Practice of Rotor Dynamics
Video Automatic Control
Video Nature and Property of Materials
Video Introduction to Crystal Elasticity and Crystal Plasticity
Video Advanced Strength of Materials
Video Engineering Fracture Mechanics
Video Experimental Stress Analysis: An Overview
Video Experimental Stress Analysis
Video Compliant Mechanisms: Principles and Design
Video Metrology
Video Mechanical Measurements and Metrology
Video Mechanical Measurement System
Video Principles of Metal Forming Technology
Video Theory of Production Processes
Video Manufacturing Process I
Video Manufacturing Process II
Video Manufacturing Process Technology I
Video Manufacturing Process Technology II
Video Advanced Manufacturing Processes
Video Micro and Smart Systems
Video Introduction to Machining and Machining Fluids
Video Metal Cutting and Machining Tools
Video Mechanics of Machining
Video Advanced Machining Processes
Video Non-traditional Abrasive Machining Processes
Video Principles of Casting Technology
Video Metal Casting
Video Welding Engineering
Video Joining Technologies of Commercial Importance
Video Advances in Welding and Joining Technologies
Video Technology of Surface Coating
Video Tribology
Video Processing of Non-metals
Video Machinery Fault Diagnosis and Signal Processing
Video Machinery Fault Diagnosis and Signal Processing (2018)
Video Computer Numerical Control (CNC) of Machine Tools and Processes
Video Design Practice
Video Design Practice II
Video Product Design and Development
Video Product Design and Manufacturing
Video RAC Product Design
Video Gear and Gear Unit Design: Theory and Practice
Video Design of Machine Elements I
Video Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing
Video Design for Quality, Manufacturing and Assembly
Video Basics of Finite Element Analysis
Video Basics of Finite Element Analysis II
Video Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Science
Video Variational Methods in Mechanics and Design
Video Modeling and Simulation of Discrete Event Systems
Video Design and Optimization of Energy systems
Video Industrial Engineering
Video Work System Design
Video Project and Production Management
Video Fundamentals of Operations Research
Video Advanced Operations Research
Video Engineering Economic Analysis
Video Solar Energy Technology
Video Solar Photovoltaics: Principles, Technologies and Materials
Video Power Plant Engineering
Video Introduction to Explosions and Explosion Safety
Video Fundamentals of Industrial Oil Hydraulics and Pneumatics
Video Introduction to Composites
Video Advanced Composites
Video Manufacturing of Composites
Video Processing of Polymers and Polymer Composites
Video Smart Materials and Intelligent System Design
Video Fundamentals of Electric Vehicles: Technology and Economics
Video Electric Vehicles and Renewable Energy

Cornell MAE on YouTube
Video MAE 5790: Nonlinear Dynamics and Chaos

Saylor Academy on YouTube
Video Mechanical Engineering 102: Mechanics of Materials
Video Mechanical Engineering 202: Dynamics

Jousa Meyer on Youtube
Video Heat Transfer Lectures (2014)

nanoHUB Courses
Video/text An Introduction to BioMEMS and Bionanotechnology
Video/text Illinois ME 498NF: Introduction of Nano Science and Technology
Video/text ME 597: Fundamentals of Atomic Force Microscopy

Jack Baskin School of Engineering | UC Santa Cruz
Video/text CMPE 13 - Computer Systems and C Programming
Video/text CMPE 118 - Introduction to Mechatronics
Video/text CMPE 240 - Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems