Theory and Practice of Rotor Dynamics

Theory and Practice of Rotor Dynamics. Instructor: Prof. Rajiv Tiwari, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Guwahati. The purpose of this course is to give a basic understanding of the rotor dynamics phenomena with the help of simple rotor models and subsequently the modern analysis methods for real life rotor systems. The modeling and analysis of rotor-bearing dynamics are now reached a mature state. In broad sense this area covers several categories namely modeling, analysis, identification and condition monitoring of rotor-bearing systems. The finite element (FE) method has been used extensively for modeling and analyses of rotors for the transverse and torsional vibrations. (from


Lecture 01 - Introduction
Lecture 02 - A History of Rotor Dynamics
Lecture 03 - State of the Art of Rotor Dynamics
Simple Rotors
Lecture 04 - Simple Rotor Models with Rigid Bearings
Lecture 05 - Jeffcott Rotor Model
Lecture 06 - Variant of Jeffcott Rotor Model
Rotor Mounted on Bearings
Lecture 07 - Rigid Rotor Mounted on Simple Anisotropic Springs as Bearings
Lecture 08 - Rigid Rotor Mounted on Complex Anisotropic Bearings
Lecture 09 - Flexible-Shaft with a Rigid Disc Mounted on Anisotropic Supports
Gyroscopic Effects
Lecture 10 - Synchronous Whirl of a Rotor System with a Thin Disc
Lecture 11 - Synchronous and Asynchronous Pure Wobbling Motions
Lecture 12 - Asynchronous Whirl of a Rotor System with a Thin Disc
Lecture 13 - Asynchronous Whirl Analysis with Dynamic Approach
Torsional Vibrations
Lecture 14 - Simple Rotor System
Lecture 15 - Three Disc Rotor System
Lecture 16 - Transfer Matrix Approach I
Lecture 17 - Transfer Matrix Approach II
Lecture 18 - Transfer Matrix Approach III
Lecture 19 - Geared and Branched Systems
Lecture 20 - Continuous System and Finite Element Method
Lecture 21 - Finite Element Method
Lecture 22 - Finite Element Analysis
Lecture 23 - Finite Element Analysis (cont.)
Transverse Vibrations
Lecture 24 - Influence Coefficient Method
Lecture 25 - Transfer Matrix Method I
Lecture 26 - Transfer Matrix Method II
Lecture 27 - Transfer Matrix Method III
Lecture 28 - Continuous System Approach
Lecture 29 - Finite Element Method I
Lecture 30 - Finite Element Method II
Lecture 31 - Finite Element Method III
Instability in Rotor Systems
Lecture 32 - Instability in Rotor Systems: Bearings
Lecture 33 - Fluid-Film Bearings
Lecture 34 - Internal Damping and Asymmetrical Shaft
Lecture 35 - Steam Whirl and Seals
Lecture 36 - Subcritical Speed Whirl
Lecture 37 - Introduction to Rigid Rotor Balancing
Lecture 38 - Dynamic Balancing of Rotors: Rigid Rotor Balancing
Lecture 39 - Dynamic Balancing of Rotors: Flexible Rotor Model Balancing
Lecture 40 - Dynamic Balancing of Rotors: Influence Coefficient Method for Flexible Rotor
Condition Monitoring of Rotors
Lecture 41 - Common Faults and Vibration Signatures
Lecture 42 - Condition Based Monitoring

Theory and Practice of Rotor Dynamics
Instructor: Prof. Rajiv Tiwari, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Guwahati. This course provides a basic understanding of the rotor dynamics phenomena.