Fluid Dynamics and Turbomachines

Fluid Dynamics and Turbomachines. Instructors: Prof. Shamit Bakshi and Prof. Dhiman Chatterjee, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras. The first part of the course introduces important concepts of fluid dynamics which forms the theoretical foundation for the second portion of the course on turbomachines. Topics covered in this course include Introduction to fluid flows, Integral approach for analyzing fluid flow, Differential approach for analyzing fluid flow, Incompressible viscous internal and external flow, Introduction to turbomachines, Principle of turbomachines, Performance of pumps and hydraulic turbines, and Performance of steam and gas turbines. (from

Introduction to Fluid Flow

Introduction to Fluid Flows
Lecture 01 - Introduction to Fluid Flow
Lecture 02 - Flow Field, Stresses on Fluid Element, Newtonian Fluid
Lecture 03 - Non Newtonian Fluid, Classification of Flow, Analysis of Flow
Lecture 04 - Tutorial
Integral Analysis
Lecture 05 - Integral Analysis, Control Volume, Generalized Conservation Equation
Lecture 06 - Mass and Linear Momentum Conservation in CV
Lecture 07 - Angular Momentum Conservation, Non-inertial Frame of Reference
Lecture 08 - Tutorial
Differential Analysis
Lecture 09 - Differential Analysis
Lecture 10 - Navier-Stokes Equation for 2D Incompressible Flow
Lecture 11 - Vorticity, Stream Function, Bernoulli's Equation
Lecture 12 - Tutorial
Viscous Flow
Lecture 13 - External Flows, Laminar and Turbulent Boundary Layer
Lecture 14 - Differential Analysis of Boundary Layer, Blasius Equation
Lecture 15 - Boundary Layer Flow with Pressure Gradient, Flow Separation
Lecture 16 - Internal Flow, Pipe Friction
Introduction to Turbomachine
Lecture 17 - Basic Thermodynamics
Lecture 18 - Turbomachines: Definition and Classification
Lecture 19 - Dimensional Analysis
Lecture 20 - Tutorial
Principle of Turbomachines
Lecture 21 - Representation of Turbomachines and Definition of Velocity
Lecture 22 - Euler's Energy Equation
Lecture 23 - Real Fluid Flow and Efficiency of Turbomachine
Lecture 24 - Tutorial
Performance of Pumps and Hydraulic Turbines
Lecture 25 - Pumps
Lecture 26 - Pumping Systems
Lecture 27 - Hydraulic Turbines: Pelton Turbine
Lecture 28 - Hydraulic Turbines: Reaction Turbines
Lecture 29 - Cavitation in Hydro Turbomachines
Lecture 30 - Tutorial
Performance of Steam and Gas Turbines
Lecture 31 - Introduction to Compressible Flow
Lecture 32 - Steam and Gas Turbines: Introduction and Classification
Lecture 33 - Steam and Gas Turbines: h-s Plots and Velocity Triangle
Lecture 34 - Tutorial

Fluid Dynamics and Turbomachines
Instructors: Prof. Shamit Bakshi and Prof. Dhiman Chatterjee, Department of Mechanical Engineering, IIT Madras. This course introduces important concepts of fluid dynamics and turbomachines.