Mechanical Engineering 110: Introduction to Product Design

Mechanical Engineering 110: Introduction to Product Design (Spring 2011, UC Berkeley). Taught by Prof. Alice Agogino and Prof. Clark Kellogg, this course provides an introduction to the engineering design process and conceptual design of products. It provides an experience in preliminary project planning of complex and realistic mechanical engineering systems. Design concepts and techniques are introduced; the student's design ability is developed in a design project or feasibility study chosen to emphasize innovation and ingenuity, and provide wide coverage of engineering topics. Design optimization and social, environmental, economic, and political implications are included. There is an emphasis on hands-on creative components, teamwork, and effective communication. There is a special emphasis on the management of innovation processes for the development of sustainable products, from product definition to sustainable manufacturing and financial models.


Lecture 01 - Introduction to New Product Development
Lecture 02 - Design Thinking Exercises
Lecture 03 - Design Context and Product Planning: Triple Bottom Line
Lecture 05 - The Role of Industrial Design
Lecture 06 - Project Proposals
Lecture 07 - Design Team Launch
Lecture 08 - Customer and User Needs Assessment
Lecture 09 - Frameworks for Understanding Customer Needs
Lecture 10 - Translating the Voice of the Customer
Lecture 11 - Concept Generation Assessment
Lecture 12 - Concept Generation
Lecture 13 - Some Thoughts on Rapid Prototyping
Lecture 14 - Product Architectures and Platforms
Lecture 15 - Biologically-Inspired Design by Tom McKeag
Lecture 16 - Concept Selection and Testing
Lecture 17 - Low vs High Fidelity Prototyping
Lecture 18 - Studio: Midterm Tradeshow on Concepts and Concept Testing
Lecture 21 - Midterm Team Feedback
Lecture 24 - Design is the Solution for Sustainability
Lecture 25 - Design for Environment, Life Cycle, and the Supply Chain
Lecture 26 - Introduction to Optimal Design
Lecture 27 - Lightweighting and Material Optimization
Lecture 28 - Creating Business Models
Lecture 29 - Economics of Product Development
Lecture 30 - Storytelling and Presentations