MAE 130A: Introduction to Fluid Mechanics

Engineering MAE 130A: Introduction to Fluid Mechanics (Fall 2013, UC Irvine). Instructor: Professor Roger RANGEL. This course covers fundamental concepts of fluid mechanics; fluid statics; fluid dynamics; Bernoulli's equation; control-volume analysis; basic flow equations of conservation of mass, momentum, and energy; differential analysis; potential flow; viscous incompressible flow.


Lecture 01 - Introduction and Fundamentals
Lecture 02 - Fluid Properties: Viscosity
Lecture 03 - Fluid Statics: Hydrostatics
Lecture 04 - Fluid Statics: Manometry Problem, Force Calculation
Lecture 05 - Fluid Statics: Buoyancy, Rigid Body Motion
Lecture 06 - Elementary Fluid Dynamics
Lecture 07 - Elementary Fluid Dynamics (cont.)
Lecture 08 - Elementary Fluid Dynamics (cont.)
Lecture 09 - Fluid Kinematics
Lecture 10 - Fluid Kinematics: The Reynolds Number, Acceleration of a Fluid Element
Lecture 11 - Acceleration of a Fluid Element (cont.), Control Volume Approach
Lecture 12 - Control Volume Approach: Reynolds Transport Theorem, Newton's 2nd Law
Lecture 13 - Control Volume Approach: RTT and Newton's 2nd Law
Lecture 14 - Control Volume Approach: RTT and the First Law of Thermodynamics
Lecture 15 - Differential Analysis: Deformation
Lecture 16 - Differential Analysis: Conservation of Mass, The Stream Function
Lecture 17 - Differential Analysis: Newton's 2nd Law
Lecture 18 - Irrotational Flow (Potential Flow)
Lecture 19 - Basic Potential Flows
Lecture 20 - Basic Potential Flows: Doublets, Superposition of Potential Flows
Lecture 21 - Potential Flows (cont.)
Lecture 22 - Viscous Flow
Lecture 23 - Viscous Flow Problems
Lecture 24 - Review