This is a collection of audio/video courses and lectures in philosophy from educational institutions around the world. The courses and lectures cover a variety of philosophical topics: existentialism, human nature, morality, ethics, general philosophy, philosophy in film and other media, philosophy of mind, and so on.

Open Yale courses
Audio/video PHIL 176: Death (Spring 2007)
Audio/video PHIL 181: Philosophy and the Science of Human Nature
Audio/video PLSC 114: Introduction to Political Philosophy (Fall 2006)

UC Berkeley Webcast
Video Philosophy 3 - The Nature of Mind (Fall 2012)
Video Philosophy 3 - The Nature of Mind (Fall 2011)
Video Philosophy 135 - Theory of Meaning (Fall 2012)

Podcasts from the University of Oxford
Audio/video General Philosophy
Audio/video Philosophy for Beginners
Audio/video A Romp Through Ethics for Complete Beginners
Audio/video A Romp Through the Philosophy of Mind
Audio/video Critical Reasoning for Beginners
Audio John Locke Lectures in Philosophy
Audio/video Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
Audio/video Nietzsche on Mind and Nature
Audio/video Metaphor: Philosophical Issues
Audio Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art

Humanities at Stanford
Video The Art of Living

Open Education Edinburgh on YouTube
Video Introduction to Philosophy

Missouri State University on YouTube
Video PHI 110 - Introduction to Philosophy

NPTEL Courses
Video Contemporary Issues in Philosophy of Mind and Cognition
Video Aspects of Western Philosophy
Video Indian Philosophy
Video Introduction to Logic
Video Basic Concepts of Modal Logic
Video Symbolic Logic
Video Ethics (IIT Kanpur)
Video Ethics (IIT Madras)

MIT OpenCouseWare
Video 24.209 - Philosophy In Film and Other Media
Video 24.213 - Philosophy of Film
Video 24.261 - Philosophy of Love in the Western World
Video 24.262 - Feeling and Imagination in Art, Science, and Technology
Audio/video 24.263 - The Nature of Creativity
Video 24.264 - Film as Visual and Literary Mythmaking

YouTube - UHouston's Channel (University of Houston)
Video PHIL 1305 - Introduction to Ethics