Engineering Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism

Engineering Physics II: Electricity and Magnetism. Instructor: Prof. V. Ravishankar, Department of Physics, IIT Kanpur. The course covers lessons in Electricity and magnetism, Rectangular cartesian coordinate system, Scalar field and Vector field, Principle of superposition, Coulomb's law, Expression for the electric field, Electrostatic phenomena, Macroscopic and microscopic fields, Electrostatics in media, Conductors and dielectrics, Motion of steady currents, Wave equation, Monochromatic plane wave, and Interference experiments. (from

Lecture 02 - Translation of the Coordinate System, Scalar Field

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Mathematical Preliminaries
Lecture 01 - Coordinate Systems: Rectangular Cartesian, Cylindrical and Spherical Polar
Lecture 02 - Translation of the Coordinate System, Scalar Field
Lecture 03 - Vector Fields: Curl, Gradient, Divergence
Lecture 04 - More on Mathematical Preliminaries: Stokes Theorem, Divergence Theorem
Lecture 05 - Electrostatics: Coulomb's Law
Lecture 06 - Coulomb's Law - Conservation of Charge
Lecture 07 - Coulomb's Law: Principle of Superposition, Expression for the Electric Field
Lecture 08 - Expression for the Electric Field (cont.)
Lecture 09 - Gauss Divergence Theorem, Gauss's Law
Lecture 10 - Gauss's Law and Electrostatic Potential
Lecture 11 - Potential Energy
Lecture 12 - Examples on Potential Energy, Electrostatic Forces, Macroscopic Fields
Lecture 13 - Microscopic Fields, Electrostatics of Conductors
Lecture 14
Lecture 15 - Electrostatics in Media: Dielectrics
Lecture 16 - Electrostatics in Dielectrics (cont.)
Lecture 17 - Physics of Charges in Motion, Current
Lecture 18 - Ohm's Law
Lecture 19 - Ohm's Law and Conductivity, Hall Effect
Lecture 20 - Steady Currents and Magnetic Fields
Lecture 21
Lecture 22 - Magnetic Moment
Lecture 23 - Effect of the Magnetic Field on Currents: Lorentz Force Expression
Lecture 24 - Faraday's Law of Induction: Lenz's Law
Lecture 25 - Paramagnetism and Diamagnetism
Lecture 26
Lecture 27 - The Possibility of Non-trivial Solutions for Maxwell's Equations in Free Space
Lecture 28 - Electromagnetic Wave
Lecture 29 - Interference Experiments