Fiber Optics

Fiber Optics. Instructor: Dr. Vipul Rastogi, Department of Physics, IIT Roorkee. The course is aimed at equipping the undergraduate Engineering and Physics students with the basic understanding of optical fibers and optical fiber communication. The course provides knowledge of optical fiber waveguide at fundamental level, essentials of an optical fiber communication system and understanding of various components of an optical fiber telecommunication system. (from

Lecture 01 - Introduction

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Lecture 01 - Introduction
Lecture 02 - Need for Optical Communication
Lecture 03 - Salient Features of Optical Fiber I: Ray Theory of Light Guidance
Lecture 04 - Salient Features of Optical Fiber II: Wave Theory of Light Guidance
Lecture 05 - Optical Fiber Fabrication
Lecture 06 - Transmission Characteristics I: Optical Signal Attenuation in an Optical Fiber
Lecture 07 - Transmission Characteristics II: Intermodal Dispersion in an Optical Fiber
Lecture 08 - Transmission Characteristics III: Material Dispersion in an Optical Fiber
Lecture 09 - Light Propagation in an Infinitely Extended Dielectric Medium
Lecture 10 - EM Waves in Dielectrics
Lecture 11 - Electromagnetic Analysis of Waveguides I: Planar Optical Waveguides, Planar Mirror Waveguide
Lecture 12 - Electromagnetic Analysis of Waveguides II: Modes, Step-index Planar Waveguide
Lecture 13 - Electromagnetic Analysis of Waveguides III: Symmetric and Antisymmetric Modes
Lecture 14 - Electromagnetic Analysis of Waveguides IV: b-V Curves, Modal Fields
Lecture 15 - Electromagnetic Analysis of Waveguides V: Model Fields (cont.)
Lecture 16 - Electromagnetic Analysis of Waveguides VI: Power associated with Modes
Lecture 17 - Electromagnetic Analysis of Waveguides VII: Asymmetric Planar Waveguide
Lecture 18 - Electromagnetic Analysis of Waveguides VIII: Asymmetric Planar Waveguide (cont.)
Lecture 19 - Optical Fiber Waveguide I: TE/TM and EH/HE Modes, Weakly Guiding Fibers, Step-index Fiber
Lecture 20 - Optical Fiber Waveguide II: Eigenvalue Equation for LP Modes, b-V Plots
Lecture 21 - Optical Fiber Waveguide III: Modal Fields of an Optical Fiber
Lecture 22 - Optical Fiber Waveguide IV: Fractional Power in the Core, Cut-off Wavelength
Lecture 23 - Optical Fiber Waveguide V: Petermann Spot Sizes, Bend Loss of a Single Mode Fiber
Lecture 24 - Splice Loss
Lecture 25 - Waveguide Dispersion I
Lecture 26 - Waveguide Dispersion II: Total Dispersion in a Single Mode Fiber
Lecture 27 - Recap: Propagation Characteristics
Lecture 28 - Optical Fiber Components and Devices I
Lecture 29 - Optical Fiber Components and Devices II: Applications of Directional Coupler
Lecture 30 - Optical Fiber Components and Devices III: Fiber Gratings, Fiber Bragg Grating
Lecture 31 - Optical Fiber Components and Devices IV: Fiber Bragg Gratings, Long Period Gratings
Lecture 32 - Optical Fiber Components and Devices V: Pulse Shaping Devices in a Fiber Link
Lecture 33 - Optical Sources and Detectors I: Optical Communication, Semiconductor Optical Sources
Lecture 34 - Optical Sources and Detectors II: Semiconductor Optical Sources, Light Emitting Diode
Lecture 35 - Optical Sources and Detectors III: Light Emitting Diode (cont.), Laser Diode
Lecture 36 - Optical Sources and Detectors IV: Laser Diode (cont.)
Lecture 37 - Optical Sources and Detectors V: Photodetectors
Lecture 38 - System Design Aspects
Lecture 39 - Optical Fiber Measurements
Lecture 40 - Summary and Recent Advances