TFY 4240: Electromagnetic Theory

TFY 4240: Electromagnetic Theory (Fall 2009, NTNU openVideo). Instructor: Professor Paul Anton Letnes. This course investigates Maxwell's equations and mathematical methods related to them in more depth. The topics in this course are roughly the following: Electrostatics, method of images, multipoles, electric fields in matter. Magnetostatics and magnetic fields in matter. Electromagnetic force and induction. Maxwell's equations. Conservation laws for charge, energy, momentum and angular momentum. Electromagnetic waves. Electromagnetic fields in waveguides. Potential theory and Gauge transformations. Radiation from dipoles and charges in motion.

06. Magnetostatics, Part 2

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01. Electric Fields in Matter, Part 1
02. Electric Fields in Matter, Part 2
03. Multipole Expansions, Part 1
04. Multipole Expansions, Part 2
05. Magnetostatics, Part 1
06. Magnetostatics, Part 2
07. Electrostatics, Part 1
08. Electrostatics, Part 2
09. Multipole Expansions of A and Magnetic Fields in Matter
10. Electromagnetic Experiments, Electrodynamics Part 1
11. Electrodynamics Part 2: Examples: Hall effect, Hall Effect Thruster, Lenz Law
12. Electrodynamics Part 3: Examples: Faraday, Lenz's Law, Rail Guns, Coil Guns
13. Electrodynamics Part 4: Examples: Inductance in Coils, Betatron Accelerator
14. Conservation Laws and Tensors Part 1
15. Tensors, Part 2
16. Momentum Conservation, Part 1
17. Momentum Conservation, Part 2
18. Electromagnetic Waves, Part 1
19. Electromagnetic Waves, Part 2
20. Reflection and Transmission, Part 1
21. Reflection and Transmission, Part 2
22. Reflection and Transmission, Part 3
23. Reflection and Transmission at a Non-flat Interface
24. Absorption and Dispersion, Part 1
25. Absorption and Dispersion, Part 2
26. Guided Waves
27. Practical Information, Exam
28. Example from a Course Exercise: Solving a Problem with Parallel Plates
29. A Mathematical Detour into Green's Functions, Part 1
30. A Mathematical Detour into Green's Functions, Part 2
31. Electric and Magnetic Fields with Retardation Effects, Part 1
32. Electric and Magnetic Fields with Retardation Effects, Part 2
33. Radiated Power, Electric Dipole Radiation
34. Electric Dipole Radiation, Radiation from Arbitrary Localized Sources
35. Radiation from Arbitrary Localized Sources, Electric Dipole Term, Radiation Pattern, Vector Expansion
36. Vector Expansion (cont.), Magnetic Dipole and Electric Quadrupole Terms
37. Where Special Relativity Came From, Part 1
38. Relativity Part 2, Wave Propagation Part 1
39. Wave Propagation in Layered Structures, Part 2
40. Wave Propagation in Layered Structures, Part 3
41. Waveguiding in Dielectric Slab
42. Repetition Part 1: Lorentz Force, Point Charge, Magnetostatics and More
43. Repetition Part 2: Lenz's Law, Boundary Conditions, Electromagnetic Waves, etc
44. Repetition Part 3: Potentials, Radiation, Dipole, Relativity