Introduction to Brain and Behaviour

Introduction to Brain and Behaviour. Instructor: Prof. Ark Verma, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Kanpur. This course is meant to familiarise the students with the neural basis of mental/cognitive processes. The course will stress on how the mental functions operate to give rise to human behaviour and also simultaneously show how these processes are implemented in the human brain. (from

Lecture 04 - Neuronal Communication

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Lecture 01 - A Brief History of Cognitive Neuroscience
Lecture 02 - A Brief History of Cognitive Neuroscience (cont.)
Lecture 03 - Structure and Function of the Nervous System
Lecture 04 - Neuronal Communication
Lecture 05 - An Overview of the Nervous System
Lecture 06 - The Cerebral Cortex
Lecture 07 - Methods in Cognitive Neuroscience
Lecture 08 - Studying the Damaged Brain
Lecture 09 - Structural Analysis of the Brain
Lecture 10 - Measuring Structure and Function Together in the Brain
Lecture 11 - Neuroscience of Sensation and Perception
Lecture 12 - Olfaction
Lecture 13 - Somatosensation
Lecture 14 - Vision
Lecture 15 - Moving beyond Sensation
Lecture 16 - Attention
Lecture 17 - Models of Attention
Lecture 18 - Neural Mechanisms of Attention
Lecture 19 - Mechanisms of Attention
Lecture 20 - Networks of Attention