Art Across the Ages

Art Across the Ages consists of 48 video lectures taught by Professor Ori Z. Soltes, surveying Western visual art through history from the prehistoric cave painting of hunting scenes to the startling perspectives of Postmodern paintings. Throughout the lectures, Professor Ori Z. Soltes discusses the basic history of Western visual art and major artists and their styles. He tries to show how art reflects on its own forms across history in a constantly changing dialogue involving style, form, and symbol. Professor Soltes uses hundreds of images of masterpieces of the Western visual art, covering the wide range of media - painting, sculpture, architecture, decorative arts, photography, drawing, mixed media, assemblage, and installation art.

01. Continuity and Transformation - What Is Art? 25. The Reformation and the Mannerist Crisis
02. Art as the Offspring of Religion 26. Baroque Shadows - Venice to Madrid to Rome
03. Preclassical Greek Art 27. Shadow to Light from Rome to the Lowlands
04. Toward the Classical Athenian Moment 28. Northern Landscapes and Life Sweeps
05. Beyond the Borders of Classical Greek Art 29. The Counter-Reformation from Italy Outward
06. The Birth of the New - Hellenistic Art 30. Revolutions in Spanish and English Painting
07. Hellenistic, Etruscan, and Early Roman Art 31. France's Gold and Silver Ages
08. Roman and Judaean Art 32. Politics and Romanticism
09. Early Christian Art and Its Progeny 33. From Realism to Impressionism
10. The Beginnings of Jewish Art 34. From Paris to the East
11. Christian Medieval Art and Architecture 35. American Romantic Realism and Its Progeny
12. The Language of Romanesque and Gothic Art 36. Fin de Siecle European Art Movements
13. Islamic Art from Abstract to Figurative 37. Asia and Africa in the Western Mind
14. Jewish Medieval Art and Architecture 38. They All came to Paris
15. Early Renaissance Painting in Central Italy 39. Revolutions in Early 20th-Century Painting
16. 15th-Century Italian Renaissance Painting 40. Figuration and Abstraction - The Struggle
17. Renaissance Painting beyond the Alps 41. Development in Sculpture - Rodin to Judd
18. Renaissance Sculpture - Toward Florence 42. New Worlds of Architecture - Wright to Hadid
19. Toward High Renaissance in Central Italy 43. The Edges of West and East
20. High Renaissance in Central Italy 44. Art, Trauma, and Politics
21. The Rebirth of Classical Dynamism 45. Defining Modern Jewish Art
22. The Light of the Veneto 46. The Problem of Categories in Modern Art
23. 16th-Century Northern European Painting 47. The Explosion of Modernist Media
24. Transformation of People, Objects, Ideas 48. Art, Politics, and Religion from Era to Era