Learn Through Videos

This section provides a collection of links to educational videos such as documentary films and video lectures, made for a general audience. There are lots of invaluable videos available online, which are created for educational purposes. We gather links to those videos and have put them into an appropriate categories so that they can be found easily.

Videos by Subject

Arts Earth Science
Physics Mathematics
Biology Chemistry
Economics History
Evolution Literature and Linguistics
Astronomy Engineering
Philosophy Psychology

Reference Sites offers free education videos on topics such as arts, foreign language, history, literature, mathematics, science, and more.

DrPhysicsA contains a series of Physics videos which are intended to give a basic introduction to the subjects covered.

Khan Academy provides free education videos covering many K-12 curriculum topics from basic math to advanced calculus, chemistry, biology, physics and economics.

Books and Films provides a huge collection of educational videos combined with related books and web documents. It covers various topics in arts, evolution, nature, science, and social science.