My Favorite Universe

My Favorite Universe consists of twelve lectures taught by Professor Neil deGrasse Tyson, looking at 12 interesting subjects about the Universe. The lectures are divided into four groups, each of which consists of three lectures. The first group (lectures 1 - 3) is about "on being" such as shapes, forces, and density. The second group (lectures 4 - 6) looks at our risks and cosmic catastrophe that we may face in the future - black holes, the death of the Sun, and getting hit by a asteroid. The third group (lectures 7 - 9) discusses topics about how the universe began, how it evolved, and how it will end. The forth and final group (lectures 10 - 12) is about finding the planets like the Earth and the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

Lecture 01 - On Being Round
Lecture 02 - On Being Rarefied
Lecture 03 - On Being Dense
Lecture 04 - Death by Black Hole
Lecture 05 - Ends of the World
Lecture 06 - Coming Attractions
Lecture 07 - Onward to the Edge
Lecture 08 - In Defense of the Big Bang
Lecture 09 - The Greatest Story Ever Told
Lecture 10 - Forged in the Stars
Lecture 11 - The Search for Planets
Lecture 12 - The Search for Life in the Universe