Economics, 3rd Edition

Economics, 3rd Edition consists of 36 video lectures taught by Professor Timothy Taylor, discussing economic issues in both microeconomics and macroeconomics. It deals with economic issues such as interest rates, unemployment, personal investing, budget deficits, and globalization. The first 18 lectures focus on microeconomics, studying the behavior of individuals, households, and firms; and how they interact in markets for goods, labor, and saving and investment. And the second half of the course covers macroeconomics, examining the factors that help economists evaluate the economy on a national and global scale.

01. How Economists Think 19. Macroeconomics and GDP
02. Division of Labor 20. Economic Growth
03. Supply and Demand 21. Unemployment
04. Price Floors and Ceilings 22. Inflation
05. Elasticity 23. The Balance of Trade
06. The Labor Market and Wages 24. Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand
07. Financial Markets and Rates of Return 25. The Unemployment-Inflation Tradeoff
08. Personal Investing 26. Fiscal Policy and Budget Deficits
09. From Perfect Competition to Monopoly 27. Countercyclical Fiscal Policy
10. Antitrust and Competition Policy 28. Budget Deficits and National Savings
11. Regulation and Deregulation 29. Money and Banking
12. Negative Externalities and the Environment 30. The Federal Reserve and Its Powers
13. Positive Externalities and Technology 31. The Conduct of Monetary Policy
14. Public Goods 32. The Gains of International Trade
15. Poverty and Welfare Programs 33. The Debates over Protectionism
16. Inequality 34. Exchange Rates
17. Imperfect Information and Insurance 35. International Financial Crashes
18. Corporate and Political Governance 36. A Global Economic Perspective