Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer's Craft

Building Great Sentences: Exploring the Writer's Craft is a series of videos instructed by Professor Brooks Landon, providing an understanding of the variety of ways to construct sentences. From the definition of a sentence to the impact of several sentences in sequence, the videos explain how sentences work and teach how to write better sentences by choosing proper words and putting them in right order. They discover how the facts, ideas, and feelings in a sentence lie beneath its words and organization. Furthermore, they discuss the impact of several sentences in sequence and see new possibilities of resonance and relationship among their rhythms and structures.

01. A Sequence of Words
02. Grammar and Rhetoric
03. Propositions and Meaning
04. How Sentences Grow
05. Adjectival Steps
06. The Rhythm of Cumulative Syntax
07. Direction of Modification
08. Coordinate, Subordinate, and Mixed Patterns
09. Coordinate Cumulative Sentences
10. Subordinate and Mixed Cumulatives
11. Prompts of Comparison
12. Prompts of Explanation
13. The Riddle of Prose Rhythm
14. Cumulative Syntax to Create Suspense
15. Degrees of Suspensiveness
16. The Mechanics of Delay
17. Prefab Patterns for Suspense
18. Balanced Sentences and Balanced Forms
19. The Rhythm of Twos
20. The Rhythm of Threes
21. Balanced Series and Serial Balances
22. Master Sentences
23. Sentences in Sequence
24. Sentences and Prose Style