Dark Matter, Dark Energy: The Dark Side of the Universe

Dark Matter, Dark Energy: The Dark Side of the Universe consists of twenty-four lectures taught by Professor Sean Carroll, introducing modern cosmology through a focus on dark matter and dark energy. In the first lecture, Professor Sean Carroll explains the fundamental building blocks of the observable universe with a pie chart: ordinary matter (5%), dark matter (25%), and dark energy (70%). 95% of the contents of the universe are invisible to our current methods of direct detection. Focused on these two aspects - dark matter and dark energy, through the remainder of the lectures Professor Sean Carroll explores scientific theories and observations related to modern cosmology such as Einstein's theory of general relativity, Edwin Hubble's discovery, the Standard Model of particle physics, and string theory.

Lecture 01 - The Building Blocks of the Universe
Lecture 02 - The Smooth, Expanding Universe
Lecture 03 - Space, Time and Gravity
Lecture 04 - Cosmology in Einstein's Universe
Lecture 05 - Galaxies and Clusters
Lecture 06 - Gravitational Lensing
Lecture 07 - Atoms and Particles
Lecture 08 - The Standard Model of Particle Physics
Lecture 09 - Relic Particles from the Big Bang
Lecture 10 - Primordial Nucleosynthesis
Lecture 11 - The Cosmic Microwave Background
Lecture 12 - Dark Stars and Black Holes
Lecture 13 - WIMPS and Supersymmetry
Lecture 14 - The Accelerating Universe
Lecture 15 - The Geometry of Space
Lecture 16 - Smooth Tension and Acceleration
Lecture 17 - Vacuum Energy
Lecture 18 - Quintessence
Lecture 19 - Was Einstein Right?
Lecture 20 - Inflation
Lecture 21 - Strings and Extra Dimensions
Lecture 22 - Beyond the Observable Universe
Lecture 23 - Future Experiments
Lecture 24 - The Past and Future of the Dark Side