The Business of the Internet of Things

The next great paradigm shift in the Internet will be the inclusion of the Internet INSIDE of everything we see in the physical world. Described as The Internet of Things (IOT), the Internet of Everything and the Industrial Internet, it promises to revolutionize not only how we discover, interact and understand our world, but the way we experience our everyday private and working lives. This evolution in technology has captured the imaginations of education, government and businesses alike.

The IOT also presents an unprecedented opportunity for entrepreneurs as the market is expected to produce between $1.2 trillion and $14.4 trillion dollars by 2025. However, navigating the complexities of this brave new world can be tricky. This talk will cover the business and technical considerations of building a connected product for the Internet of Things from end to end including the process, business considerations, funding options and go to market strategies that can make you successful with your project.

Chad Jones is an expert in cloud, virtualization and IoT technologies. Mr. Jones has over eighteen years' experience driving strategic initiatives for start-ups and Fortune 50 companies alike and has traveled the world discussing a vision for a better world through technology.

The Business of the Internet of Things

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