Medicine of Cycling

Medicine of Cycling (UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine). Cycling is a unique sport shared by kids and adults, used for recreation and transportation, and enjoyed by people of many fitness and ability levels. All cyclists share the pain of falling off the bike, overuse injuries, fear associated with injury, and other medical consequences that result from exposure to the elements. This course, led by a multidisciplinary team of experts and cyclists in fields of neurology, psychology, urology, dermatology, nutrition, bike fit, and sports medicine, cover a wide range of topics that affect every cyclist. (from

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01. Cycling Injuries: Diagnosis and Treatment
Dr. Kristin Wingfield explains the diagnosis and treatment of cycling injuries.

02. Bike Fit: It's All about the Bike
Curtis Cramblett shares his expertise on proper bike fit including what a good bike fit feels like, your biomechanical needs, and adjusting your bike to your body.

03. Cycling and the Skin
Professor Timothy Berger examines the many challenges a cyclist's skin can face while out riding, including saddle sores and skin cancer.

04. It's All about the Mind: The Psychology of Cycling
Learn how to define your cycling goals and get motivated to achieve those goals using techniques to measure your confidence, intensity and focus.

05. What is it like to Be a Professional Cyclist?
Learn about the demanding training regime as well as the personal politics.

06. Nutrition for Cycling: Fueling Your Human Powered Vehicle
Learn how much, when, and what kinds of fluids your body needs before, during, and after your ride.

07. Training: Preparing to Race
Learn how to practice, pick your key events, and how to be an active and safe racer.

08. Women and Cycling: Cycling Teams and Cycling Injuries
Nicola Cranmer shares insights into the lives of women in professional cycling. Dr. Kristin Wingfield discusses athletic injuries specific to women including breast pain, amenorrhea, osteoporosis and more.

09. Cycling Gadgets: Self Tracking Gadgets for Training and Health
Paul Abramson uncovers the new and changing capabilities of technology to measure everything from speed on a ride to feedback from your body.

10. A Day in the Life of a World Tour Cycling Team Doctor
Learn how Dr. Prentice Steffen became involved with the medical side of cycling and how he works to keep pro-athletes in peak condition on the road and at home.

11. Concussions and Sports
Learn how to spot a concussion, when to see a doctor, and how treatment should progress.

12. Urological Conditions and Cycling: Is Cycling Safe?
Dr. Peter Carroll examines urological conditions that may result from cycling as well as common myths about the effects of cycling on the body.

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