Great Mathematicians, Great Mathematics

Mobius and his Band by Professor Raymond Flood. Many people have heard of the Mobius band, a one-sided surface, but the work of August Mobius was more far reaching than just inventing a topological curiosity. His work in geometry, celestial mechanics and topology, sometimes called rubber sheet geometry, illuminates the mathematical and astronomical life of the nineteenth century. Mobius' concerns, concepts and the methods he helped to develop played an important part in twentieth century mathematics. (from

Mobius and his Band

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01. Fermat's Theorems
02. Newton's Laws
03. Euler's Exponentials
04. Fourier's Series
05. Mobius and his Band
06. Cantor's Infinities
07. Einstein's Annus Mirabilis, 1905
08. Hamilton, Boole and their Algebras
09. Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace
10. Gauss and Germain
11. Hardy, Littlewood, Cartwright and Ramanujan
12. Turing and von Neumann