Mathematics in the 21st Century

Professor Chris Budd will be talking about the application of maths in modern life - from computing to voting, to art, curing cancer and saving the whales. The series will go on to explore great mathematical myths, and equations that have changed the world.

Gresham Professor of Geometry, Chris Budd OBE, is based at the University of Bath, where he is Professor of Applied Mathematics and Director of the Centre of Nonlinear Mechanics. He has a long history of engagement in the public understanding of science and mathematics through institutions such as the Royal Institution and the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. (from

Image: Mathematics in the 21st Century

The Maths of Future Computing
This lecture examines the mathematics behind computing, starting with the history of the explosive growth of computer technology, from code breaking through to all aspects of modern communication and security, ...

Maths and Voting
We live in a democracy in which we all have a chance to vote. But does voting mean that the views of the majority are truly represented when it can be shown (mathematically) that all voting systems have flaws?

Can Maths Save the Whales and Cure Cancer?
Saving the whales and curing cancer are two of the great challenges of the present day, and mathematics has a part to play in addressing them.

Great Mathematical Myths
Mathematics is often thought of as being a dry and logical subject, and its conclusions free from the vagaries of fashion and misconception. However this is far from the truth.

The Art of Maths
Mathematics and art are more similar than is commonly thought. Each is concerned with the process of being highly creative with abstract objects and of producing everlasting work of great aesthetic beauty.

Equations that Have Changed the World
This final lecture will celebrate some of the great mathematical equations, and related algorithms, which have both changed the world as we know it and which are likely to change it in the future.

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