Public Lectures - Psychology and Neuroscience


Addicted to Love, Beauty or Sex?
ADD/ADHD - Diagnostic and Treatment Strategies that Work
ADHD: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
ADHD: Phenotype and Etiology
Advances in the Understanding and Management of ADHD
Anxiety Disorders: More Than a Case of the Nerves
Autism and Related Disorders
Autism Spectrum Disorder: Many Questions, Many Answers


Bipolar Disorder
Brain, Mind and Behavior: A Remarkable Universe
Brain Power and Brain Health
Brain Reconstruction: The Next Biomedical Breakthrough, or a Biological Impossibility?
Building Brains: The Molecular Logic of Neural Circuits


Changing Minds and Mental Health
Changing Minds and Mental Development
Changing Minds and Changing Risk
Child Psychiatry
Criminal Minds


Emotions, Thoughts and Health: What All Aging Bodies Should Know
Exploring the Impact of Music on Brain Function


Feast or Famine: The Psychology of Eating
For Better or Worse? How We Pick Our Partners
Future Brain


Genius or Madness?


How to Be a Lie Detector
Human Origins: Lessons from Autism Spectrum Disorders


In the Brain of the Beholder? The Principles of Beauty and Sex Appeal
Is the Human Mind Unique?


Learning and Memory: How it Works and When it Fails


Mad, Bad or Sad?
Making Lasting Memories in the Brain
Mapping Memory in the Brain
Mental Health and Illness: From Neuroscience to Clinical Care
Mind over Matter
Mind Reading: Human Origins and Theory of Mind


Personality and the Brain
Profiling a Killer
Psychological Effects of Disorders: Identifying the Problem and Helping Individuals Cope


Repairing and Treating Damaged or Dysfunctional Brains


Science of the Mind: How the Brain Works to Regulate Mood, Emotions and Stress
Science of the Mind: How the Brain Works to Regulate Mood, Emotions, Stress and Sleep
Sex Wars
Soothing the Savage Breast
Stress, Anxiety and Depression
Stumbling on Happiness


The Black Dog: Causes and Cures for Depression
The Criminal Mind: The Relationships between Criminology and Psychology
The Multi-Dimensional Mind
The Neuroscience of Consciousness by Anil Seth
The Neuroscience of Consciousness by Susan Greenfield
The Neuroscience of Learning and Memory
The Neuroscience of Memory
The Psychology of Money
The Psychology of Performing Arts: Stage Fright and Optimal Performance
The Psychology of Performing Arts: The Power of Music
The Psychology of Performing Arts: Theatre and Human Expression
The Psychology of Politics
The Pursuit of Happiness
The Right Stuff: How do We Make Moral Choices?
Things of Darkness: Can We Treat Violence?
Things of Darkness: Perpetrators of Human Violence
Things of Darkness: The Nature of Human Violence


Understanding the Brain: A Work in Progress


Various Anxiety vs. Depressive Disorders


What is This Thing Called "Love"?
Whatever Turns You On