Learning Korean

This is a collection of links to online resources for learning Korean, including articles on Hangul, grammar lessons, vocabulary quizzes, useful expressions, and free Korean language courses. And it also includes links to watching news in Korean and video lessons to teach how to speak Korean. It is designed to help people easily find these resources in one place.


Online Dictionary Dictionary Search offers free online English to Korean and Korean to English dictionary service, helping find word definitions and its usage in Korean and English. provides free online English-Korean dictionary service with over 8,000 Korean words, alongside the pronunciations (romanizations) and English translations. Free Korean Dictionary provides a collection of Korean to English and English to Korean dictionaries that allow users to find word definitions by searching or browsing its database.

English-Korean dictionary at offers an interactive online English-Korean translation service, which allows users to suggest their own translation for words in Korean.

Korean Alphabet (Hangul)

Hangul - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia explains the Korean alphabet (Hangul) in details - its history, consonants, vowels, stroke order, and phonics.

Hangul - Indiana University Korean Center provides the pronunciation of the consonants and the vowels of the Korean alphabet (Hangul).

Introductory Korean | Sogang Korean Program provides some general information about Hangul, explanations on the consonants and the vowels and their stoke orders, how to pronounce the consonants and the vowels.

Grammar Lessons

Basic Korean - A Grammar and Workbook, written by Andrew Byon, is a textbook providing concise grammar explanations and related exercises.

Luke Park's Guide to Korean Grammar offers Korean grammar lessons essential to learn Korean and helpful in developing new skills to read, write, speak and listen to Korean. provides the basics of Korean language such as Korean alphabet and basic phonics, useful expressions, grammar lessons, and Korean proverbs. includes Korean Classes, Hanja Classes, Games, and more. The Korean Classes section contains some lessons about fundamental features of Korean language, Hangul, basic phonics, and grammar.

An Introduction to Korean by J. David Eisenberg brings free online resources helpful in learning Korean, including the Korean alphabet, basic conversational Phrases, vocabulary and grammar.

Vocabulary and Useful Phrases

English-Korean Vocabulary Quizzes brings interactive multiple-choice quizzes for studying Korean and English vocabulary.

Digital Dialects: Learn Korean Language contains free-to-use interactive games helpful in learning Korean vocabulary.

Korean Multimedia Dictionary - Indiana University Korean Center is a multimedia dictionary that provides the pronunciation as well as the pictures of 461 Korean words.

The Korean Language Education Clearinghouse(KLEC) of Monash University provides various Korean language learning materials with images and pictorial exercises.

Korean Proverb | provides Korean proverbs and their corresponding proverbs in English.

Linguanaut: Learn Korean offers some free Korean lessons about Korean phrases and vocabulary used for the everyday life conversations.

Phrases - Korean Language Practice brings useful phrases and vocabulary to help travelers learn to communicate in Korean.

Korean Language Courses and Lessons

Let's Learn Korean of KBS World Radio provides 30 situational conversations that are helpful in learning basic vocabulary and phrases in Korean language.

Sogang Korean Program provides introductory, novice and intermediate online courses. All lessons include audio files, Hangul text and its translation into English.

Korean Language Coures at Indiana University provides Korean lessons, focused on conversational and grammatical skills, at different levels:

Elementary Level K101, ...K102
Intermediate Level K201, ...K202, ...K301, ...K302
Advanced Level K401/402

Online Intermediate College Korean by Clare You & Eunsu Cho offers Korean lessons, consisting of 27 lessons and several appendixes. Each lesson provides a reading article introducing a situational conversation, audio clips of the text, grammar explanations related to the text, vocabulary in the text, exercises based on the lesson.

Korean Language Course Book consists of 20 units and provides how to read, write and speak Korean language as well as cultural knowledge by introducing situational conversations. (Downloadable at

Listening Parctice

KBS News 24 offers a 24/7 video streaming service of local and international news in Korean.

Video Lessons

60 Video Lessons for Learning Korean contains 60 video lessons designed to help people learn to speak Korean. Each video lesson introduces a conversational situation using example video and explains related conversational expressions.

BusyAtomdotcom | YouTube provides free video lessons to explain basic things required to learn Korean: Korean alphabet (Hangul), Korean phrases, numbers, and how to read Korean words.

KoreanClass101's YouTube Channel contains many videos that can help you learn basic vocabulary and how to make sentences using the vocabulary.