Science and Technology

This is a collection of links to websites offering the latest science and technology news and trends from around the world. It includes science and technology news links to broadcasting channels, newspapers, science magazines, and science and technology news websites. To provide more in-depth news sources for IT and Space industry, we have prepared two more news pages: IT (Information Technology) and Electronics, Space and Aeronautics.

IT and Electronics : Up-to-the-minute IT (Information Technology) and electronics industry news and trends
Space and Aeronautics : The latest breaking space, aeronautics, and astronomy news and information

Broadcasting Channels

BBC News: Science & Environment : News and feature stories about the natural sciences
CNN: Technology : The latest technology news, stories and video
Fox News Channel: SciTech : Top science and technology stories and headlines
ABC News: SciTech : A variety of up-to-date science and technology news and stories
NBC News: Science News : Space exploration, the environment and weird science news News: Technology & Science : Technology and science news from Canadian Press
Sky News: Technology : Technology and gadget news, games reviews, features, and more
Channel4 News: Sci/Tech : The latest science, technology and environmental news
ABC Science (Australia) : The latest science news, in-depth features, and games


AP: Science Reuters: Technology News
Xinhua News Agency: Sci & Tech Sputnik International: Tech
The New York Times: Science The Washington Post: Technology News
Los Angeles Times: Science The Gazette: Technology
The Globe and Mail: Technology The Guardian: Science News
The Daily Telegraph: Science The Independent: Science News
The Times of India: Tech The Sydney Morning herald: Technology

Science and Technology News Websites

PhysOrg is a popular science, research and technology news website specializing in the hard science subjects of physics, space and earth science, biology, chemistry, electronics, nanotechnology and technology in general.

Science Daily is a news website for topical science articles. It features articles on a wide variety of science topics including: astronomy, computer science, nanotechnology, medicine, psychology, biology, physics, mathematics, chemistry, archeology, and others.

LiveScience is a science news website. It offers top news stories on a variety of science topics such as space, animals, environment, health, technology and history.

SciTech Daily is a website that delivers the latest science and technology news and information from international news sources.

From Quarks to Quasars publishes content on the latest advancements in scientific news and research across a variety of disciplines, such as astronomy, biology, chemistry, and physics. offers the latest news stories and information about science, space, technology, education, and health.

io9 is a blog that focuses on the subjects of science fiction, futurism, and advancements in the fields of science and technology.

Gizmag covers the full spectrum of new and emerging technologies, invention, innovation, and science news: computing, automation, social innovation, new ideas, services to enhance life, and more.

Science Magazines

Scientific American is a popular science magazine published monthly in the United States. It delivers the latest news and features on science issues that matter including earth, environment, and space.

Cosmos is an Australian popular science magazine that is published six times a year. It is described as "a magazine of ideas, science, society and the future".

Discover is an American monthly science magazine. It publishes articles about science - science news, future views on technology, space, environment, health and medicine - for a general audience.

Wired is a full-color monthly American magazine and on-line periodical, published since January 1993, that reports on how new and developing technology affects culture, the economy, and politics.

New Scientist is a weekly non-peer-reviewed English-language international science magazine, covering recent developments in science and technology for a general audience.

Science News is an American bi-weekly magazine devoted to short articles about new scientific and technical developments, typically gleaned from recent scientific and technical journals.

Popular Science (PopSci) is an American monthly magazine founded in 1872 carrying articles for the general reader on science and technology subjects.

BBC Focus is a British monthly magazine about science and technology published in Bristol, UK. It covers all aspects of science and technology and is written for general readers as well as people with a knowledge of science.

Nature is the international weekly journal of science: a magazine style journal that publishes full-length research papers in all disciplines of science, as well as News and Views, reviews, news, features, and more.

Science is a weekly academic science journal. It publishes important original scientific research, research reviews, science-related news, and opinions on science policy and other matters of interest.

IEEE Spectrum is a monthly magazine. It explores the development, applications, implications of new technologies, as well as trends in engineering, science, and technology.