Animal Armageddon

Animal Armageddon is an eight-part documentary series about the biggest disasters ever happened on planet Earth and mass extinction events by the disasters. Against a backdrop of global catastrophe, Animal Armageddon brings to life an unprecedented vision of ancient Earth. From the very beginning, the course of evolution has been dramatically altered by catastrophe. Numerous mass extinction events have devastated the Animal Kingdom. Each time disaster has struck, nature has shown remarkable resiliency. Animals have rebounded with with amazing biological innovation and vast increases in diversity. Humans have always had a stake in this. From tiny flatworms to the first amphibians, our own DNA had to survive for us to evolve into what we are now: the first species that can trigger its own extinction.

Episode 1 - Death Ray

Episode 1 - Death Ray
A dying star in the milky way explodes, sending gamma rays slamming into the Earth. Air molecules are shattered, realigning into toxic chemicals that block out the sun, changing the climate dramatically.

Episode 2 - Hell on Earth
A superplume volcanic eruption causes increased temperatures worldwide. Animals must adapt or die in order to survive.

Episode 3 - Doomsday
An asteroid the size of Mount Everest is about to end the age of the dinosaurs, followed by powerful earthquakes, megatsunamis, and a lethal rain of flaming rocky debris during the first 24 hours.

Episode 4 - Panic in the Sky
Wildfires, acid rain, earthquakes, global darkness, and snow storms spell death for the dinosaurs during their last year.

Episode 5 - The Great Dying
250 million years ago, the Siberian Traps erupt into an active volcano. The eruption of the Traps causes land ecosystems to be put under serious stress, due to severe climate change caused by basalt flow volcanic eruptions in Siberia.

Episode 6 - Strangled
Volcanism starts as Pangaea starts to break up (Eurasia splitting from Gondwana along the Appalachians). Scorching lava, suffocating heat and toxic gas violently causes a mass extinction 200 million years ago.

Episode 7 - Fire and Ice
The eruption of Lake Toba 74,000 years ago kills the giant mammals in prehistoric Asia. The lava and ash starts in Sumatra, but soon spreads to the rest of the world.

Episode 8 - Next Extinction
An asteroid like the one that killed off the dinosaurs strikes New York City. The human race has to revert to the nomadic people that their ancestors were.

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