99.9 percent of all species that have ever existed on earth are now extinct. Extinct is a Channel 4 documentary series which brings to life the compelling stories of these lost creatures and solves the mystery of their demise. The series consists of six episodes, each of which looks at the life and demise of one of six extinct species: the dodo, sabre-tooth tiger, Irish elk, great auk, mammoth, and Tasmanian tiger. The mysteries behind the disappearance of these animals are told using the latest scientific research and computer graphics.

Episode 1 - The Dodo

Episode 1 - The Dodo
Using the latest scientific research, advanced computer graphics technology and animatronics, this episode looks at the life and demise of the dodo in the 1660s.

Episode 2 - The Sabre-Tooth Cat
A look at one of the most successful predators to ever walk the earth, the sabre-tooth tiger, whose territory spread across Ice Age North America and Europe.

Episode 3 - The Irish Elk
The Irish Elk was hunted to extinction by early man. This episode describes how overhunting and climate change killed this wonderful creature.

Episode 4 - The Great Auk
This episode talks about the tragedy of the Great Auk, a puffin-like sea bird killed by Europeans.

Episode 5 - The Mammoth
Palaeontologist Sylvia Gonzalez examines the remains of the Columbian Mammoth, which weighed twice as much as his woolly cousin.

Episode 6 - The Tasmanian Tiger
The last Tasmanian tiger was shot dead by a farmer in 1930. This episode recounts how the tiger became extinct.

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