Animal Weapons

Animal Weapons is a nature documentary series looking at how animals have developed their weapons to survive in nature. In the animal kingdom, weapons are not about destruction, but about survival. Animals use their weapons not only to catch prey but also to defend themselves against predators. And also they use their weapons to maintain a place in a social hierarchy. The first episode "Chemical Warfare" explores the insidious nature of chemical warfare employed by many animals like snakes and spiders. The second episode "Fatal Attraction" looks at animals that have employed weapons of deception like traps and camouflage to find and kill their targets. The third episode "Armed to Teeth" explores animals to employ teeth, claws and tusks as their weapons. And the fourth episode "Dash and Clash" looks at animals to depend on their speed and horns for survival.

Episode 1 - Chemical Warfare

Episode 1 - Chemical Warfare
This episode explores the insidious nature of chemical warfare employed by many animals. All manner of snakes, spiders, lizards and marine life have developed venoms, either as weapons of attack or defense.

Episode 2 - Fatal Attraction
With weapons of deception, animals can disarm and entice prey to their death. Perhaps the oldest weapons employed by animals are projectiles, evolving their own versions of poison-tipped harpoons, chemical missiles and high-powered bullets.

Episode 3 - Armed to the Teeth
Specialist hunting strategies demand particular adaptations of the body, from fearsome teeth to scimitar-sharp claws and tusks. In the natural world there are razors, guillotines, daggers, clubs and spears a galaxy of animal kitted out with an arsenal of weapons to gain a meal.

Episode 4 - Dash and Clash
For those animals that rely on their speed, it is both a test of their endurance and their judgement in terms of hunting and being hunted. Similarly, animals that are armed with horns must exercise extreme judgement when wielding their weaponry.

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