Evolve is a documentary television series produced by History Channel, explaining the evolutionary origins of a particular trait of living creatures. The series consists of eleven episodes, each of which deals with a different aspect of the key features that living creatures have evolved to survive in nature: eyes, the diversity of sexual intercourses, size, skin, flight, the ability to interact, guts, venom, speed, jaws, and shape.

Image: Evolve (Documentary)

Episode 01 - Eyes
Eyes are one of evolution's most useful and prevalent inventions. Ninety five percent of living species are equipped with eyes and they exist in many different forms.

Episode 02 - Sex
In the history of life on earth, sex may be the ultimate survival skill, because the bottom line is: reproduce or die.

Episode 03 - Size
Life has evolved into a multitude of sizes. Over the course of three billion years, life has taken on many forms, from an .02-micrometer-long bacteria to the 110-foot-long blue whale.

Episode 04 - Flight
Scientists examine the fossil record and living birds to try and unlock how some species evolved to have the remarkable trait of flight.

Episode 05 - Skin
This episode looks at how skin has changed and adapted to virtually any challenge it has faced throughout history.

Episode 06 - Communication
The ability to interact stretches back billions of years and has often been one of the primary factors in a species ability to evolve and survive.

Episode 07 - Guts
This episode looks at the role guts have played in shaping some of Earth's most successful animals: tyrannosaurs, snakes, cows, humans and others.

Episode 08 - Venom
The deadliest natural weapon employed in the animal kingdom, venom has independently evolved in creatures as diverse as jellyfish, insects, snakes, and even mammals.

Episode 09 - Speed
The ability to react and move can often mean the difference between life and death in the animal kingdom. Some animals have evolved into championship fliers, swimmers, and runners.

Episode 10 - Jaws
There is perhaps no instrument more important to survival than a strong set of jaws, which let animals kill, butcher, and devour.

Episode 11 - Shape
This episode explores the evolution of animal shape and how the slightest alteration of a leg or a head can mean the difference between life and extinction.

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