The Universe (Season 2)

The Universe is a History Channel documentary series exploring the wonders of the universe and the advanced physics concepts in the fields of cosmology, astronomy and astrophysics. The Universe (Season 2) consists of eighteen episodes, looking at wonders and mysteries of the universe about alien planets, cosmic holes, supernovas, Nebulas, dark matter/dark energy, and star constellations; fascinating theories about space travel, colonizing space and astrobiology; and various theories about the end of the universe. The series features a mix of historical footage, photographs from space telescopes, and computer-generated graphics, as well as interviews with experts from universities and scientific institutions around the world.

Alien Planets: A look at the science of planet hunting; astronomers explain the technology and methods used to find extrasolar planets - worlds outside our Solar System orbiting other stars; and a look at some of the most interesting planets that have been discovered, such as "Hot Jupiters" and "Super-Earths".

Episode 01 - Alien Planets

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Episode 01 - Alien Planets
Episode 02 - Cosmic Holes
Episode 03 - Mysteries of the Moon
Episode 04 - The Milky Way
Episode 05 - Alien Moons
Episode 06 - Dark Matter/Dark Energy
Episode 07 - Astrobiology
Episode 08 - Space Travel
Episode 09 - Supernovas
Episode 10 - Constellations
Episode 11 - Unexplained Mysteries
Episode 12 - Cosmic Collisions
Episode 13 - Colonizing Space
Episode 14 - Nebulas
Episode 15 - Wildest Weather in the Cosmos
Episode 16 - Biggest Things in Space
Episode 17 - Gravity
Episode 18 - Cosmic Apocalypse