The Universe (Season 2)

The Universe is a History Channel documentary series exploring the wonders of the universe and the advanced physics concepts in the fields of cosmology, astronomy and astrophysics. The Universe (Season 2) consists of eighteen episodes, looking at wonders and mysteries of the universe about alien planets, cosmic holes, supernovas, Nebulas, dark matter/dark energy, and star constellations; fascinating theories about space travel, colonizing space and astrobiology; and various theories about the end of the universe. The series features a mix of historical footage, photographs from space telescopes, and computer-generated graphics, as well as interviews with experts from universities and scientific institutions around the world.

Alien Planets

Episode 01 - Alien Planets
Astronomers explain the technology and methods used to find extrasolar planets. And it looks at some of the most interesting planets that have been discovered.

Episode 02 - Cosmic Holes
This episode looks at the mysteries of black holes and theories about the existence of other kinds of holes, such as microscopic black holes, white holes and wormholes.

Episode 03 - Mysteries of the Moon
A look at the Moon and the role it has played in the history of mankind - how it was once worshiped as a god; used as a timekeeper by farmers; and how it affects ocean tides and the behavior of animals.

Episode 04 - The Milky Way
A tour of the Milky Way; a look at the massive black hole with the mass of thousands of suns; how the death of old stars provide the material to create new ones.

Episode 05 - Alien Moons
This episode takes a look at Kuiper belt objects and the moons of the solar system such as volcanic Io, ice covered Europa, and the mysterious Triton.

Episode 06 - Dark Matter/Dark Energy
A look at the theory of dark matter - the undetectable mass thought to make up 96% of the universe, and dark energy - the unseen force that is expanding the universe.

Episode 07 - Astrobiology
A look at the science of astrobiology - the search for life in space by combining the disciplines of astronomy, biology and geology.

Episode 08 - Space Travel
This episode looks at some revolutionary ideas about travel in space, from ship designs to innovative methods of propulsion such as solar sails and laser beams.

Episode 09 - Supernovas
A look at the sensational death of stars in supernova explosions which shine as bright as a 100 billion suns and release jets of high-energy matter as gamma-ray bursts and x-ray radiation.

Episode 10 - Constellations
This episode takes a look at some of the 88 constellations in the sky which are arrangements of stars that form a picture or symbol.

Episode 11 - Unexplained Mysteries
A look at some of the myths, misconceptions and facts about the universe, from life on Mars to whether or not time travel is possible and if Einstein's theories of relativity could support it.

Episode 12 - Cosmic Collisions
What happens during comet, asteroid and planetary collisions; the effects of mass extinction impacts; what happens when stars collide, and when entire galaxies merge together.

Episode 13 - Colonizing Space
This episode takes a look at the efforts underway to establish permanent human colonies on the Moon and Mars.

Episode 14 - Nebulas
A look at nebulas - the "art gallery of the galaxy" - amazing regions of space, where old stars die and new ones are born.

Episode 15 - Wildest Weather in the Cosmos
A look at bizarre weather phenomena on other worlds in our solar system such as tornadoes with 6,000 MPH winds, and rain made of iron.

Episode 16 - Biggest Things in Space
This episode looks at the biggest things in the universe, such as the cosmic web, super-galaxies, and supermassive black holes.

Episode 17 - Gravity
A look at the forces of gravity and the role it plays in the formation of the universe and the objects within it.

Episode 18 - Cosmic Apocalypse
A look at how the universe could end with various theories explored such as a "random quantum fluctuation" where everything is obliterated in the blink of an eye.

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