The Universe (Season 6)

The Universe is a History Channel documentary series exploring the wonders of the universe and the advanced physics concepts in the fields of cosmology, astronomy and astrophysics. The Universe (Season 6) consists of seven episodes, looking at catastrophes that changed the planets, the possibility of the existence of Nemesis, how the Solar System was made, and the technology needed to build ships to the stars. The series features a mix of historical footage, photographs from space telescopes, and computer-generated graphics, as well as interviews with experts from universities and scientific institutions around the world.

Episode 1 - Catastrophes that Changed the Planets
This episode travels back in time to investigate the violent events that profoundly shaped the planets, including Earth itself.

Episode 2 - Nemesis: The Sun's Evil Twin
This episode explores the possibility of the existence of Nemesis and its dangerous influence on other objects in the Solar System.

Episode 3 - How the Solar System was Made
At 4.6 billion years old, the Solar System is our solid, secure home in the Universe. But how did it come to be? This episode traces the system's birth from a thin cloud of dust and gas.

Episode 4 - Crash Landing on Mars
What might happen if the first manned mission to Mars crashes hundreds of miles from the rocket that would take them back home?

Episode 5 - Worst Days on Planet Earth
Earth may seem like the most hospitable planet in the solar system. But startling new discoveries reveal the blue planet has been plagued by more chaos and destruction than scientists once imagined.

Episode 6 - UFO: The Real Deal
A look at the technology needed to build ships to the stars.

Episode 7 - God and the Universe
A scientific search for God. Also a look if the Universe was made by a creator or just nature.

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