The Universe (Season 4)

The Universe is a History Channel documentary series exploring the wonders of the universe and the advanced physics concepts in the fields of cosmology, astronomy and astrophysics. The Universe (Season 4) consists of twelve episodes, exploring space disasters, mysteries in our universe. Topics covered in this season four include: death stars, what the Earth would be like without the moon, supernova blasts, ten events that could destroy the planet Earth, and space wars. The series features a mix of historical footage, photographs from space telescopes, and computer-generated graphics, as well as interviews with experts from universities and scientific institutions around the world.

Episode 01 - Death Stars
Episode 02 - The Day the Moon Was Gone
Episode 03 - It Fell from Space
Episode 04 - Biggest Blasts
Episode 05 - The Hunt for Ringed Planets
Episode 06 - 10 Ways to Destroy the Earth
Episode 07 - The Search for Cosmic Clusters
Episode 08 - Space Wars
Episode 09 - Liquid Universe
Episode 10 - Pulsars & Quasars
Episode 11 - Science Fiction, Science Fact
Episode 12 - Extreme Energy

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