Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery

Blood and Guts: A History of Surgery is a BBC documentary series presented by Michael Mosley, looking at the brutal, bloody and dangerous history of surgery. The series consists of five episodes, each of which looks at the development of a different branch of surgery: brain surgery, heart surgery, transplant surgery, plastic surgery, and trauma surgery. Following the story of surgery, the series reveals today's astonishing surgical breakthroughs that make face transplants, limb transplants and a host of other previously undreamed of operations possible.

Episode 1 - Into the Brain

Episode 1 - Into the Brain
This episode reveals how, through mishap and misadventure, brain surgery has become the life-saving discipline as it is today.

Episode 2 - Bleeding Hearts
This episode looks at the development of heart surgery, which produced some extremely reckless experiments.

Episode 3 - Spare Parts
This episode takes a look at the development of transplant surgery, from a Nazi sympathiser to the latest miraculous life and limb-saving operations.

Episode 4 - Fixing Faces
This episode tells the story of plastic surgery, which started over 400 years ago with a spate of botched nose jobs.

Episode 5 - Bloody Beginnings
This episode looks at how surgery dragged itself kicking and screaming out of the dark ages, transforming itself from butchery into a science.

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