How did They Build That?

How did They Build That? consists of thirteen episodes presented by Scott Steedman, looking at some of the world's most amazing structures and notable landmarks. Each episode deals with a different type of man-made structure, such as bridge, dome, skyscraper, underground space, and structure for defence. Each episode brings three examples related to a type of man-made structure, and explains how they could build those structures as well as features of the structures.

Episode 01 - Underground Spaces

Episode 01 - Underground Spaces
Some of amazing underground spaces: a mine in the UK, a Norwegian mountain hall, and an underground railway station under construction in London.

Episode 02 - Harnessing Nature's Power
Electric power plants to harness the natural resources: a hydroelectric power station in the UK, a wind turbine in Sweden, and a solar furnace in France.

Episode 03 - Tall Buildings
Europe's tallest buildings from the past to the present: a medieval Manhattan in Italy, the first true European skyscraper, and Europe's tallest building in Germany.

Episode 04 - Concrete Spaces
This is about a material - concrete: its early use in Italy, its impact on the construction industry, and a modern masterpiece in France.

Episode 05 - Leisure Spaces
Venues for leisure activities: a Roman amphitheater, a Victorian glasshouse, and a modern stadium.

Episode 06 - Suspension Bridges
This deals with suspension Bridges in UK, Denmark, and the Czech Republic, and explains their features.

Episode 07 - Arches
This is about a structural form - arch: rounded Roman arches in France, Gothic arches in Cologne, and modern arches in Hamburg.

Episode 08 - Taking on the Sea
This is about structures at sea: a lighthouse, flood gates, and an oil rig.

Episode 09 - Foundations
This deals with structural foundations, looking at three buildings: the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Torres Puerta de Europa in Madrid, and the Torre de Collserola in Barcelona.

Episode 10 - Domes
This deals with a structure, dome, visiting a variety of domes in Italy, France, and the UK.

Episode 11 - Cantilevers
This is about a structural form - cantilever: the Kingsgate Footbridge in England, the Forth Rail Bridge in Scotland, and the Alamillo Bridge in Spain.

Episode 12 - Defence
Structures built to protect communities from external threats: a medieval castle in Scotland, a citadel in France, and sea defences in Holland.

Episode 13 - Iron and Steel
Two fundamental building materials - iron and steel: the Viaduc de Garabit, the Eiffel Tower, and the Grande Serre in France.

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